Start the year with a BANG!

Hooday everybody!, it's one week already after new year but i have done lots of things i am sure that you also had a busy week eh?. Um, i actually not the type of person who makes new year resolutions and wishlist for i think it won't work on me, so, for the year 2011, i did not make any but instead, make my tasklist for i have to accomplish the list.I still realized i had to start the year right, so making new inspirations, reinventing, like my blog, i will be consistent on this. My fashion for this year will be more trendy rather those years of my life in which i didn't care about my oily face while i am walking or if i am wearing a nice outfit, i was like johnny-depp and cowboy look(those dirty looking one), but now, since i think i became an icon, i have to look good anytime!, ahahaha. I think kasi nagiging good looking ako dun!, ahahahaha. That's why whenever i wear nice clothes they say WOW, kasi they use to see me dirty-looking! ahahahaha.

Start the year with a BANG? i got this idea from Bianca Gonzales in one of her episodes in SNN, so now, start my blog, fashion and everything with a bang. But before that, i would like to share you some of our photos while celebrating the new year!:

Now if in case you wonder what's up for Artistic World this 2011 here are some of the reasons why Artistic World is worth reading :
1. Consistency - If you have noticed that i was keeping on changing my layout, but for this year, I will stick with this template in order to attain consistency and blog branding and imaging.
2. Reinventing, Expanding & Innovating  - Because by this year my post will offer more of current events and featuring the latest and hottest issue especially awareness to readers. I will also host a blogging award by the summer of 2011 so that everyone can have time for summer is vacation, i will discuss the award info by next time but for now, i tell you it's very exciting, i will be giving 10 types of award! so watch out for that!


  1. We will all be looking forward to that
    happy new year steve

  2. Same here. I don't do New Year's resolution because I think that it is just a waste of time and you are just limiting yourself to the list.

    It is better that you just do what is right and not because it is in the list.

    Well, God bless to the plans on your blog.

  3. weee... iba na naman ang mukha... kahit late na happy new year...

  4. happy 2011
    parang ilang beses na kita binati, ah

  5. hehehe so icon ka na pala ngayon? kwento mo naman kung pano ka naging icon from your just got-outta-bed, i-haven't-showered-yet look. :D

  6. yooohoo happy new agree ako sa inyo ni bianca...start the year with a BANG!!!! whew....maganda vibes ko this year..kaya sana maganda at mabait satin lahat ang taong to


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