a HUG tonight

"Today is your Grandpa's death anniversary, pray before you go to school!"

That's the first sentence that i heard when i woke up today.  I actually remember that yesterday as me and my team mates make our thesis documentation. So today, as i get up before removing my body from bed i prayed to God to take care of our beloved grandpa.

I go to school. I minded our thesis the whole day without even thinking and caring that next week is our pre-finals. Just didn't listen to much with my professor's discussion. Stayed at the library for six hours. Went home. Alone. Ate chicken's blood barbecue (dugo). Ate. Ate. Watching TV. Then they arrived from school.7:00 pm. My aunt said:

"Have you prayed?"
"Yes i did, this morning..."
"How about tonight after you got home?"
"You should"
"Wait, i'll take utoy outside for a walk"

Then, as i am outside. I remember Papa Lolo. I am wearing his big slippers. It's like 12" in size, It's one of his remembrance to us, his belonging. He's very own. I remember his clothes, the way he laughs, he's smile. He's face that is so handsome, for he that has a Spanish blood that i wonder i didn't even had a mix of it with my blood. Then i went home. My aunt said:

"C'mon let's pray together, light a candle. Do you know a song?"
"Me?, what song?. No. You?"
"Okay let's just pray". Then we prayed.
"Steve it's your turn".
I prayed. Then i suddenly sing. I see a light as i sing. I feel like my tears started to float into my closed eyes. I'm keeping it not to fall for i don't want them to see me sad. Still sad after my beloved granny's death.
"Ok. Amen".
"Let's just don't be sad for lolo is now with God". I said.

I went to the water closet to change my school uniform. I suddenly remember grand pa. Tears. Quiet voice of crying. Wiping. Went out. Saw aunt praying once more.
FYI: Grandpa died in my room. I never scared. Yet i feel safe. I asked him to:
"Grandpa, please hug me tonight for i feel so tired. Thesis is. I feel tired.You know. Please"
*Utoy is our dog's name.


  1. surely... he'll hug you :)

  2. mlalampasan mo rin yang pghihirap parekoy! *tapping ur back*

  3. Oo nga, naalala ko yang Lolo mo. What you did is good. Continue praying for him. ^_^


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