Artistic Shots: Republished Amateur Photography Collection

These pictures that i have taken was years ago. I decided to publish these photos and give them new life again using visual editing. The editing is via for i think the photos will going to have more justice if i use this online editor rather than photoshoping. These are some of the photos that i took from the album Artistic shots. These photos are the only photos that i edited. Be a critic on my shots and editing skills. Your constructive criticisms or compliments are very much appreciated. I will just lessen the blobs for i think i won't say anything that is interesting because my mind as of this moment focuses on my thesis. I will give you the whole story of it after our final defense. (i am very much excited for that!). Enjoy!
This is the featured photo of this collection. Featuring the loving memory of my cat.


  1. hahaha ang ganda ng kuha o.. tsk2

  2. Nice shots you have here :)

    <3 Grysh

  3. nice shot steve :) anyway thanks for commenting on my post and i appreciate your comment.. goodluck to our Studies! :D

  4. Nice shots and editing! I specially like the first and 5th!

  5. Buti ka pa marunong kumuha ng magandang photo.

    Turuan mo naman ako. ^_^

  6. Kittttttttty!
    Waaa. yung pusa mo kamuka nung pusa namin. kekekk~~ :)
    I love picnik too. :) yung mga simple edit dun nalang hehe.
    ano nigamit mong cam?
    SLR ba?

    Psst Steve haha natawa ako sa comment mo.
    Sige, mag artista ka na. Kami ang fans mo, okay! :D


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