Artistic World: Memory Lane

This morning I got a comment for my Spiritual Warfare post. I was frightened when I read that he is an occultist, then I realized. It’s my writing that’s effective. It’s me affecting other, maybe waking up their sense.

Why do you blog? Is it just about personal?, I just wonder.
Me, I don’t know. At first, I want to release my thoughts in a manner that I can expand them. Then this has become my career . Then my channel. Now, to use this to move people, to use this as my way of expressing, not just about my personal thoughts but more on social issues and nationalism.  After all, the root is to express, it’s up to you if what would you want to express.

Personally I want to write my blog in a more nationalistic way by using my own language, Filipino. This has maybe an influence from bob ong’s “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ang mga Pilipino” and from Rizal himself, but I also want the world to know who I am  (by using English language), so that they can understand my viewpoints.

I am very much glad whenever people commend my works, if they comment something that we are in common for a same topic, against, or anything that I know I have moved them in a way.

Hindi mahalaga kung anu ang pinagkakasunduan natin, ng ideya, ang mahalaga, masabi mu sa akin kung anu ang gusto mung sabihin, ang view mo sa topic at ng mainform tayu ng isa’t-isa mula sa magkaibang ideya” ------Bilingual yan. 

Eto yung para sa’kin ay naging effective akong blogger (kumbaga sa artista, effective akong kontrabida yung naiinis ang mga fans ng bida at tipong gusto nila akong sunugin pag nakita nila ako sa personal.). 

Let's get back to memory lane. Remember the posts that caused blobs. Also the comments that made me feel good as a blogger, their honesty that made this blog special for me. 

Valentine Date: 0% Part I.  - A love triangle happened. Most of my real-life friends and classmates visit my blog just to know the story and read the post. Boylet and me fought. Girlet in the middle. Years later, we are good friends. Happy ending.

A Tribute for Her - I consider this as a memory of a great Filipino woman who did not afraid to fight for the freedom of Filipino people. This post awakes this generation's youth of what they should be thankful for which is the freedom from the regime.

Best comments:

Thou Who did not Return  - This is an issue about me, caused by my emotions for those bloggers who do not return comments. Now, i understand their situations more. (see? blogging has changed me). All the poeple who posted their comments here are commendable. I learned from them. Here they are:

Jejevation - are you still familiar with this: 3owhz tH3rez? WhE3Rhez Ahr3 YhoOuz?.  and that's the whole thing about this post. Today, jejemons fade, but i think they still exist. They just quit or lost from the limelight!. My friends who commented here admit that they once a jejemon, or a jejebuster.  I like this post. Funny.

Best comment:

A BULPRISAN's pre story - This post is about the emotion of a candidate. Who had a trauma from loosing yet is willing to take another chance to prove that its not him that's weak, but the right time for his dreams to come true. 

Spiritual Warfare - In earth, there are different types of religion, culture and beliefs. This post reveals the symbols of the dark entities. This is the comment that frightened me (that i mentioned on the top of this post). This comment yet makes me feel that i am an effective blogger, reporter and writer. Because of his long comment, i will only give you a link for i can't package it in an image. Click this "occultist's comment" 

Teargas in it's Major Way!!!! - A friend approached me and said that he read my post. He gave me nice comments about my writing, i even heard him recommending my blog to her friend for reading. Really makes me feel good. Anyway, this post is a mash-up of Venus Raj's achievement in Ms. Universe and the Quirino Grand stand hostage taking incident. 

Best comments: 

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas - This post is an influence of both of Bob Ong's writing and Dr. Jose P. Rizal. This is also my viewpoint about the issue that may affect millions of Filipino.The best comment is from Ish. Note: I also want to thank Ishmael Fischer Ahab for being an honest commentator, and i am really touched that link you gave me on facebook about this post. :). Click this to read and learn about Ish's comment. 

Good news. For all those who were mentioned in this post. You are all a winner of an award, that will be given on my next post. So please watch out! :)


  1. Wow ang swerte namn ng mga commenters na nabanggit at may award sila! Congrats naman! I find your blog interesting kasi magaganda naman ang topics mo. Ako namn I blog kasi artistic outlet ko yun at pang alis din ng boredom. I love blog hopping and reading blogs and I never fail to return comments.

  2. can't really say I know much about you yet as it is my first time here. hopefully we can get to know each other better. :)

  3. Ayun. Andami kong mention dito ah. Salamat Steve. Makakaasa ka nang malulutong na comments mula sa akin kapag malulutong na topics ang tinatalakay sa iyong blog. ^_^

  4. Un oh! Ngayon na lang ako ulet nakabisita dito. Actually pag nagcocomment ka sa blog ko, bumibisita rin ako. Kaso hindi na ako nakakapag-comment dahil minsan ninanakaw ko lang oras ko sa pagbablog hop pag nagawa kami ng thesis. :)

    Congrats sa mga nabanggit na mahilig mag-comments. I've read some of your posts and yes, some of them are interesting and at the same time intriguing. :)

  5. For me, blogging is more of a way to express myself. It is very important. This may help me have confidence in myself in real life and at times build up my self-esteem. There are some things that you would only realize when blogging. I'm having a hard time explaining this, so I'll rather give an example.

    Example: I have a problem. I am clouded by anger, depression, frustration and all that shit. Because of too much emotions bursting within all at the same time, it makes it hard to think. So I blog. And once I've released all that stress, I get to see things clearly. people would comment on my blog and give me advices, some are good while others aren't really good advices. But then they are still advices and II still have to accept them all. We all have different perspectives afterall.

    I'm pretty curious about their awards but congrats to them. :)

  6. Thank you so much Steve for still remembering me even if I have almost left the blogging world. It's a personal thing, this blogging business yet we want to share it with everyone or anyone who cares to read anyway. And I do believe that blogging requires discourse too, I mean what's the point of making everything public if not?

    More power to you blogging!

  7. wow salamat po so pag mention...yay! kakaexcite naman yung award...
    i feel the same way about blogging... it changed me a lot too and i learned a lot sa ibang bloggers din...
    yay! more power to you steve and also to your blog,
    have a great day and happy blogging to you

  8. I read the Satanism/Lady Gaga etc thing and I can't help but put in my opinion. I think that people see what they want to see. If you start looking for Satanic symbols, you will start seeing it everywhere. If people say that Jesus Christ is actually the devil and start looking for proof, I'm sure they'll find something, or interpret something differently just to support their belief.

    Moreover, people have a choice to believe what they see. Not everything posted in the Internet is true, you'll be surprised at the amount of trolls lurking around all day and night trying to pass the time by making stuff up.

    Thanks for that post it was a good read.

  9. uy ano namn yung surprise na yun? hehe! You can email me here..

  10. That's great that you love blogging and that you are an effective blogger. Like an elite or something. good read!


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