MMDA & La Mesa Eco Park Tour

Part of being a student are the tours in different places and field. This semester, for our subjects, we went to MMDA Flood control Center , MMDA Communications and Command Center and La mesa Eco Park. 

Tour A.
Departure Time: 6:00 am
Note: We planned to be at the MMDA office @ 9:00 am MMDA said that we should be early as 8:00 am so we have no choice but be early because of the time we will consume in travelling from Bulacan to Makati City. 
Arrival Time: 8:05 am @ MMDA Flood Control Center & Communications and Command Center

Note: Click the images to have a better and bigger view. Try now! 


Considering ourselves as Mayors. haha, should've brought our corporate
 attires!.The seats that we were sitting are exactly where the mayors have
their meetings about such situationsof floods and weather conditions!
Cool right?
BSCoE 51a, with our proffesors Ms. Janice Caindoc (wearing a printed
gray shirt)and Mr. Eduardo Francisco (sitting on the right side) 

I was impressed by their hospitality. Though reserving for a slot for a tour in their office is difficult, I consumed 4 days for reserving and the tour will be at the end of the week. So we are quite worried, because if we won’t get this tour our professor will assign us to clean somewhere in Malolos, or maybe helping the Flood situation at Calumpit. :(. Good thing it didn’t happen. 

The tour at MMDA is good they are very hospitable, they really entertained our questions. By explaining us their work, I noticed that they are really a serious agency. Good thing we have them, I also believe that there’s no corruption. They have no budget from the president but they still manage to operate and monitor traffic and flood controls. Their system, dedication and ethics in work is excellent. Php 500K for the system of traffic monitoring and semi-automation compare to those big budgets for contraceptives (RH bill) and NBN-ZTE’s haha!. Make sense right?

Tour B.
Arrival Time: Est. Around 11-12 o’ clock @ La Mesa Eco Park

There's a bear (right side of the photo, hands waving in the air)  right?.
You may encounter them in the eco park! haha. :)  

Yeah, toured around the park with the tour guide. We had a peek of La Mesa Dam.

Trivia: When we reached 85% of our tour, our feet are aching because of such a great walk around the park and climbing up the Dam. If you don’t exercise, well, pain is!. The day after the tour I can barely get up off my bed because of multiple body pain, never thought that a walk in the eco park and laddering up to the dam will cause such a pain while under the hot and active noonly sun!

Arrived Home @ 3:00 pm.


  1. When we were on tour, I appreciated La Mesa Eco Park the most. Such a great place to stay on despite the long walk needed. :)

  2. ay gusto kong mag la mesa dam pag may mahaba-haba akong time mag-lakwatsa dyan sa luzon. :)

    may picture ka nung dam? :)

  3. Nieco, bawal kasing picturan yung La mesa Dam, pero pwedeng makita. :) ayun.

  4. ay ganun ba? tsk tsk. sayang naman.

  5. just droppin by to your blogsite, anyhow, i haven't been to la mesa dam as well, but will sure try to go there pretty soon! :D (hirap pag english ang blog, nakakadugo ng ilong magcomment..)

  6. @Nieco, hindi rin naman ganun kaexcite ang dam dahil may kalsada pa na mamamagitan sa inyo ng dam tapos gate hindi talaga totally maiikot ang buong dam. view lang talga, pagakyat mu, may gate na sarado then kalsada na daanan ng mga sasakyang pumapasok sa dam then yun dam na, halos and eco park talaga ang maenjoy mu.

    @Artiemous, haha, OK lang kahit tagalog ang comment, Filipino naman ako, hindi rin naman tama ang ibang grammar ng english ko. :) Nakasanayan ko na lang siguro na magblog ng english :)

  7. wow maganda pala sa La Mesa Eco Park... i've been wanting to go there, kasi wala lang, parang ang clean, is it? :)

  8. Yap very clean. Very Nature, may mga multa sa pagpitas ng mga halaman at may mga naglilinis.


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