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Palawan is a paradise. This is also a place where no earthquake will occur (check the web for more further knowledge). I have never been to Palawan and i dream to be there someday. Palawan is a home for two UNESCO heritage sites. Palawan is in the Philippines. Palawan is a wonder in the Philippines and in the world. These are just the reason why Palawan is Palawan. 

An episode of MMK is the primary reason of making this post. Yes i know i know, most of my posts are inspired by television shows, most of it are documentaries. But, i believe that the topics that i featured from such TV shows and documentaries has sense and worth blogging for the Filipino and the world to know.

The episode is about a woman who fight for the halting of a mining company in Palawan. (it seems like i am telling the plot here). The woman got blind, though her disability didn't stop he to pursue for the closure of the mining company. What's bad is the governor is in the side of the mining company because he said that the company gives employment.

According to her, this employment is just temporary. Mining will cause more troubles in the long-term, which is true. The mining caused skin diseases to the residence because of using the river's water, so means that the river itself is contaminated by chemicals. Rice farmers also got affected by the mining because the soil is contaminated and planting of rice and other plants will sooner be impossible. These are just some of the effects of mining in Palawan. I don't think that we have to wait for more of the bad effects that will occur until to stop the mining. 

Have you heard about Dr. Gerardo "Gerry" Ortega who were killed because of his contradiction publicly of mining in Palawan?

"MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) - An environmental advocate, media practitioner and program manager of the Philippine Ecotourism Palawan of the ABS-CBN Foundation was shot dead in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Monday morning....

Dr. Gerardo "Gerry" Ortega, a veterinarian and host of a radio program on DWAR Palawan was killed by a gunman in San Pedro Village, Puerto Princesa City....

Ortega was a known anti-mining activist in Palawan. He was also a respected community organizer whose contribution to sustainable tourism in Palawan had earned him the respect of other pro-environment advocates....

Ortega is the 142nd journalist killed in the Philippines since 1986 and the 5th mediaman killed under the rule of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III." according to ABS-CBNnews.com

Now, let's all make a move by signing up against the mining in Palawan, By signing your signatures, this will be a great movement and help to the environment, rice farmers, to Palawan wildlife, to Palawan, to our country and to those who sacrificed their lives.

CLICK HERE for your signatures in stopping the mining in Palawan.  Spread the word and let's all gather signatures!


  1. AMEN! nag-sign na ako.. I'm not actually against mining pero kung nakakasira na ng natural resources, sa palawan man yan o sa kahit anong panig ng mundo, dapat iban yan. Dapat din gumawa ang gobyerno ng hakbang na palakasin pa ang batas ukol jan...

  2. I am not against mining dahil marami tayong pakinabang sa pagmimina. Kung walang minahan eh wala tayong bakal na gagamitin. Kung walang minahan eh hindi aandar ang ekonomiya. Ang tinututulan ko lang ay ang style ng pagmimina na nakasisira sa kalikasan.

  3. There's life in mining sabi nila pero kung ito din ang dahilan ng depletion at pagkasira ng natural resources natin ibang usapan na iyon. Mag mina n lng sila sa ibang lugar kung saan wlang maxadong apektado...

  4. Cheers! Signed for the petition a long time ago na dahil sa barkada ko.

    I hope we can get a better alternative. Di yung unti-unti nating sinisira si Mader Earth. :)

  5. grrr kakainis talaga yung mga nagmimina na ganon. ewan ko ba, what the hell is wrong?! sobrang hirap na ba ng Pilipinas para sirain nila ito.. hayz...

  6. Yay! This is the least I can do, so yeah, BRB, signing up!

  7. I clicked the link pero ayaw mag load ng page. I'll try again later para makapag sign din ako. Thanks for sharing this!


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