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One of the most valued citizen in the Philippines are the senior citizens, abuse and maltreatment of elder people is a big issue in the country, but it seems like the values for elderly people in the Philippines today is quite noticeable.

As observed, family members are also the reason of cruelty to elderly people as compared to those who are no relation to them.  In result to this, elderly people are thrown to aged-institutions, which is, considered as the worst nightmare for an old people in the Philippines. (even for me) 
When you visit an aged institution in the Philippines, you will surely hear a lot of stories from the elderlies. 

Mostly their stories are about their youth, their life when they were growing, but most of all, you will surely hear stories about their family, on how they loved them, they took care of them, their sacrifices, and for some, how everything they did for their family was neglected, how their family cause them emotional and physical wound and being dumped to an institution that is isn’t to be.

Good thing that aged institutions in the Philippine still have their values for senior citizens. They take care of them like they are a part of their family despite of lacking in finance for the facilities, operation, healthcare and food support for the old people even until they die inside of the institution up to their funeral.

Although, in general, Filipino values for elderly people and to their parents are still alive, yet, it is still important that senior citizens must be loved in every remaining days they spend of their loves. Elderly people must be cherished for they are the reason for a community and the security of the present generation.  Lastly, aged institutions must be supported financially so that they will be able to support more the elderly people whom they also considered as a part of their family. 

This clipping is from a TV documentary: 

This post reminds me of my grandparents, my parents and makes me think of my future children and for myself. 

Hope you are moved.

Credits: GMA News TV Channel 11. ReelTime presents: Dapithapon. 


  1. Happy that I'm a Filipino who value our grandparents. Hope everyone will be moved by the video. Good job steve as always.

    I've read a short story about the elders, i just can't remember the title, it goes with the line like "sunset hugs" i'm not sure :D

  2. Thanks for such a comment Chil. :)

    I am really touched by the stories of people who were featured in the documentary that's why i made this post.

  3. Marami na talaga ngayon ang pinababayaan ang kanilang mga magulang at iniiwan na lang sa home for the aged.

    Hindi ko maatim ang ganito. I don't want my parents to grow old na hindi kami kasama. Mas mabuti pa rin na kasama ang pamilya hanggang sa huling hininga.

  4. True ish, hindi ko rin maatim to. Mabuti nalang Fil. tayu, we value them.

  5. May napanood ako sa TV, sarili nyang nanay na matanda na, kinulong nya sa parang kulungan ng aso. Baka mas napabuti pa yung matanda sa home for the aged... sad..

  6. Grabe naman, i think ya din yata yung pinapalo niya yung nanay niya ng kaldero. :( tama, mas napabuti pa yung mtana if he brought it sa home for the aged.

  7. Now I miss my grandparents. So sad lang my kids didn't experience having grandparents around all the time.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by in blog. Come often. :)

    Thinking Out Loud

  8. Sure lil, ia talaga ang experience with grandparents eh, I miss them too.

  9. I do believe that we should all be good to our parents and the elderly as well. They've done a lot for us. Though it isn't really a rule that we should all take care of them just because they raised us. But it is more of our love for them, that we should take care of them in return.

    There are very few institutions for the elderly here in the PH. There are a lot more, almost twice the number, in other countries. We should be happy that we have less of them. :)

    Off-topic: Tagged you ^_^

  10. Sa sates marami dun pag tumatanda na ang mga magulang nila dinadala na sa aged institution. Karamihan sa kanila parang mga walang utang na loob Nakakantig namn ng damdamin ang video na yan! Thanks for sharing!

  11. When I was a kid... mom always told us that my brother and I would just send them to aged institutions because they are thinking, we don't want to take care of them but HELL NO. Just thinking about the thought of being away from them breaks my heart. what more of sending them to institutions like those? di ko kakayanin un.

    plus i think it's time to give back all the sacrifices they've done for us when we were kids. for me... i would really love to take care of them when they are old. :D

  12. Well said Grysh :) True that we have no obligation to them!. I like this "But it is more of our love for them, that we should take care of them in return."


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