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  • The images featured in this post about our thesis entitled Poultry Farm Feeding Machine that is integrated with Google sketch-up and Google Layout is my property. Any use of these images for any use is not allowed unless approved by myself or by the other authors of the thesis project.

*I personally use Google docs in sharing documents with my thesis groupmates. Easy sharing especially if you all using Google accounts.

*In Google Calendar, i check our schedule for our thesis meet-ups and work-to-dos, school activities, appointments plus, the Google Calendar sends notification in my mobile phone, same to my groupmates for them to know our schedules ahead.

*Google Layout and Sketch-up are the software that i use for modelling the prototype of our thesis. Very efficient for both of students and office workers perhaps for most of us! Sample:

This is our prototype, i used Google sketch-up for it. 
This is the model that i made from Google sketch-up,
then imported to Google Layout.

Once you did an accurate and real-life measurements in Google
 Sketch-up,the measurements in Google Layout is easy
and automatic to integrate.
Units, design, styles are also easy to use. 

Google Desktop for my PC handling. The function is same as Windows gadgets. Sample:

Glogster.com-Flash Scrap booking (poster)
Various websites and people for the videos. 


  1. wow. galing. iba na talga pag thesis ano? mano mano xD jeeeh! good luck. We use google docs too in sharing documents, and gmail for sharing answers. hahaha! xD

  2. Astig ah. :-)

    Nagagamit na pala ang Google ngayon para sa thesis? Noong panahon ko kasi low-tech kaya wala pang mga ganyan. He he he.

  3. Uy di ko alam yan ah! Thanks for this post at may natutunan ako.

  4. wow that's so nice. you've been really utilizing the features google can give ah. :) nice!


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