Twitterholic vs. Bloggoholic?

Hey guys. To be honest, my mood really affects my layout and so my layout affects my mood, and the mood affects my writing. It seems like I have lost my appetite in writing, I really never thought that this day will come that I am considering to leave my blog after years of doing it. Reason of not leaving is that I think I already made a blogging brand and atmosphere in the world wide web that’s why I am having thoughts of leaving blogosphere.

Lately, twitter is really getting me, eating me!. I love twitter now, I can’t explain the excitement it gives as I communicate and get instant replies from different people of different places. I also love the sense of trends because trending topics really make sense!.
These are the other reasons why I love twitter:

I have been a fan of Glee, and my tweet being retweeted
and favorited by Rachel Berry is a big deal!

The author of the book that i followed, the "Prophecy of the Sisters"

And these are some of the reasons why I love blogging:

So which side are you? Tweeting or blogging?

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  1. Hmmmm.. that's a tough question. I think I'm more of a blogging person. Blogging gives me a chance to express myself more than twitter because obviously, twitter's limited only. :)

    But just like you... I get extremely happy when people re-tweet my tweet. Nakakatuwa lang. :D

  2. Hi Stevevhan, this is life same for me sometimes the thoughts seems not coming, fingers sort of jammed at the keyboard and nothing comes out. Take it easy blog as you feel nice. For me would relate to the musicians and authors who need inspiration. Blog on bro. Salamat po.

  3. Uy I so love Glee!! Katuwa namn na ni retweet at favorited ni Rachel yung tweet mo! Wala ako twitter kaya pang blog talaga ako. hehehe!

  4. blogging! I'm not into twitter. I feel kinda outcast in twitter. haha!~ and all that i knew who's twitting is following celebrities. which i don't like. I have this instance both of my board mates are giggling and shouting because of *putthenameofthecelebrityhere* which it irritates me. like duh? haha! so you love glee. I love glee too! they are so very talented xD

  5. may twitter ako pero di ko masyado binubuksan.....facebook madalas....lalo na ang blog,hehe...

  6. Haha, tine, same to the both of us, i am also happy about doing it that twitter, i am more into tweeter now, nakakaexcite lang tlga...:)

  7. Wow Banana, thanks really for that support you give, now i consider you as one f my inspiration in blogging. :) Thanks much really!

  8. Hahaha, nakakatuwa naman na pareho talaga tayu ng show, naku, sobrang hiatus nga sila lately diba?

    ou nga h, ni-retweet pa at favorited ni rachel berry, sectionals this school yr. ang topic niyan eh, yung nag MJ sila na songs, gaganda diba? mas gusto ko talga sila keysa sa trouble tones.

    for Anney

  9. ang cuuuuuuuuuute jenn, sana tayung tatlo nila anney makasama sa isang episode ng glee minsan, ahahahha, suntok sa buwan yun, but it could happen right?

    Yun ang isa sa excitement para sa mga twitter users, ang pagkakaroon ng trending topics...

  10. Ako po ito ang priority:

    hehe. :)

    for Arvin

  11. Ako naman sa Facebook ina-add ko si Mystica at in-accept nya LOL ahahahaha

  12. Hey Steven, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I got twitter, I also blog -- but I can tweet while I blog. So I guess I have no preference really. I tweet mostly when I'm on the streets cause I really can't blog while I'm outside the house. But when home, I do both, LOL!

    Anyway, your template reminds me of Cool. ☺

    Keep in touch!


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