The Graduation Stage

This all started last year from our thesis zero where we have to conceptualize a thesis proposal for the next one year of thesis. Research, interviews and ideas are needed.

Followed by the thesis one where the we have to build the proposed project we passed in the STI headquarters for approval. Our thesis project passed, entitled Poultry Farm Feeding Machine (PFFM)

Lastly, the thesis two, the final presentation of thesis in which it is crucial if we are going to finish our project, that will lead us to graduation. The judgement will be the panel defense that happened yesterday. Here's the story....



..... our groupmates and i lack of sleep for a 3 week consecutive developing our thesis project, even the day before our presentation my face is like this------->>> o.0.
  We weren't able to finish our circuits, the electronic components aren't working so we are really nervous that we may fail the thesis and we have to take it this summer
(now i have to go to church and continue writing this later when i get home, ok?. bye)...

now i am back. The scenario yesterday's this:

me going inside the panel room for set-up, the lead panelist noticed our logo in our presentation and said "Is that you logo?", "yes ma'am" i said, "who made it?" "me ma'am" i replied then, "oh, i seen that video in youtube, you're the one who made it? wow, so sti students actually the developers of that? then sti hq must know this, the video is like an animation right?, i thought it was made by U.S. (the logo). When you searh poultry feeding system in youtube your video appears first, then followed by the machine from China." 

I was really shocked about her news. Days before and even we wen into the panel room, my groupmates and i are keep praying for a good result of thesis, then just as after and before we start our presentation our lead panelist was impressed already. I was really thinking that this is caused by our prayer, God's first surprise. 

here's the video she's talking about:

We made this video a year ago for our presentation in our thesis proposal in thesis zero. My groupmate uploaded this in youtube and it's getting hits. I am amazed that it's been a year ago and the panelist still have seen it, your work being recognized is something for me as a payment in all of your hard work and heartaches in your journey doing your thesis. 

This is the logo that she's talking about, she thought that this is U.S. made: 
i'll tell more what happened in the defense in my next post. :) <3 


  1. Wow. Ang galing naman ng ginawa ninyo. At least nakakahinga pa kayo kahit sobrang dami at hirap ng inyong ginagawa.

  2. Wow galing! Mukhang U.S. made nga ang logo!Nice video too! Congrats!

  3. Wow nakaka-overwhelm naman yung sinabi nya sa inyo hehehe hope you finish your thesis in flying colors

  4. wow! congrats pare. nakakaamoy ako ng inuman :D
    great job! :)


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