The Signing On is Unending!

What the heck? Hey blogging world at friends kamusta? Hay! did i say or did i actually launch a sign-off? now, i will not be that busy and really have the time to blog blog blog and hop hop hop. I have a lot of wandering, tours and experience and scheduled posts and part two posts and...a lot more!

This post is just to sign on again? naman sana ay mapanindigan ko na talaga to! Do you know the feeling that your whole week is full of activity? as in, i am fully booked until easter sun! Yes I am that busy. I am excited to tellllllllllllllllllll, post and share a lot of stories in the ARtistic world blogging atmosphere, i am also excited for my multimedia that i'll be featuring in this blog, esp the VIDEO BLOGGING! Yes i'll be doing it! 

Ok, a glimpse of what is happening to me this coming week, the following week is not booked yet. 

Saturday (Today) - March 31, 2012, 7:30 - some when until 6-9 pm.Practice for the line-up of songs for the Praise and Worship in our church for the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 
Sunday - April 1, - 9:30am - some when until 7:00 pm. Rehearsals again for the lenten and for the upcoming retreat on Apr 3. 
Monday - Apr 2. No specific time, rehearsal for the retreat, praise and worship, still
Tuesday - Apr 3. 2pm-8pm @ our church for our retreat entitled "Reconnect" to God. At the same day, after the retreat i'll travel to Paradise resort for our annual team bldg, this will my last team bldg. with my MAGS family. 
Wednesday - Apr 4. Restday a bit? but i guess i'll be at the church for the holy week's praise and worship?.
Thursday -  Service for the holy week.
Friday - Oh my, i'll deliver a message, our pastor gave me one of God's last seven words, "Nauuhaw ako" is the word. :)
Saturday - at the church again. Rehearsal for the praise and worship for the Easter, cell group and prayer meeting.
Sunday - at the church for the Easter Sunday service. 

Finally, these are the posts that i am planning to post and blob about:

  • Our trip in Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Our old-Filipino, Spanish Era inspired party, "Piging Para kay Pepe"
  • My memories as a College student.
  • Our short films, in french and nihongo. 
  • Our robotics project.
  • Continuation of posts that needs a sequel as i've promised. 
These posts will be posted in random. :)
Watcha think? getting myself busy again eh?


  1. Take it easy with the bloggin'Steve. You blogger friends is just around the corner.

  2. ngayong week ka busy pre, ako kakatapos lang bilang last week un...hahahaha... good luck ang looking forward to your next blog entry! and again, congratulations graduate ka na :)

  3. No rush my friend. Blogging is for fun and is not a requirement :) You got your own life to live so your readers would understand if you go on a short hiatus once in a while. :)

  4. `Yan ang tinatawag na jampacked! Hanep, ikaw na! Hahaha. Di ka ba napapagod? Lol. Pero nakakainggit din `cos andami mong ginagawa.

    Ako work, bahay & internet lang ang routine ko these days. And its getting boring na. Hahaha.

    Salamat pala sa pag-follow :> Finollow na din kita. :)

  5. Wow! Sobrang busy! At may video blogging na!
    Yun nga palang tungkol sa nagnanakaw ng blog content, may nabasa ako sabi para ma check kung merong nag duplicate ng post mo e mag google ng sentences which are part of your post. Yung akin naman accidental lang ang pagkaka discover ko. Di ko talaga hinanap kung may nag republish ng mga posts ko. Lumanding lang talaga ako sa blog nya kakatingin ng mga bento.

  6. I would like to hit likes in your comments but it's not applicable here. Haha, i would love to get your email address so i can add you as friend on FB or i can follow you n twitter! :)

  7. Hi Steven! Super busy talaga ang holy week mo ah pero nakakatuwa dahil halos lahat ay para kay Lord. Salamat sa pagdalaw sa lungga ko, follow na kita. :)

  8. wow. you're one such busy person. Anyway, it's all worth it naman! Take care always.


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