From Country to City

After Graduation, what comes to mind of a newly grad student like me is to work. As early as April 2012 i already hunted companies that will give me the chance to be me, and start my dreams outside school. I went to Information Managers Inc., Accenture Phils., Pointwest, NetworksLab and Fujitsu. 

A lot of things happened, i was eyeing for for all of those company especially Fujitsu and Accenture. Now, i am part of the company that i have dreamed of. 

This company that i am today say that we are the best people.  I believe them cause it was really hard to be a part of their company, i would say that i am blessed. The recruitment process was really hard. In order for them to get 8 employees, they sort out from 100 resumes a day. My batch mates wasn't able to made it this year but me. I also have senior batch mates who have made it in, that's why i am a little bit ease, cause at least i am with some of my school mates. 

What i am going through right now? 

I am really very much enjoying the company stay. But it's quite hard being a part of the best company, best benefits and salary. We are expected to do our best every time. Part of this is, i have to make it by the end of the training, passing rate is 90%, in order for me to do that is to perfect the next two exams, that for me is difficult and impossible. 

What made me write this? Because of glee's pilot episode. The pilot is about chasing their dreams, in the new world, being a part of something big, something different and with the best of the bests. That sounds cool right? but sustaining is difficult. The last part of the episode, they sang Adele's chasing pavements, the song goes:

"Should i give up? or should i just keep chasing pavements? even if it leads no way. Or would it be a waste? even if i knew my place, should i leave it there?..."

This is my dream, from country to city, being a part of a big company, a big city, doing what i love, applying what i learned. But it's hard to sustain, should i give up or should i just keep on chasing pavements?


  1. Oh! Nabuhay kang muli hijo. God bless sa pagiging empleyado. Kaya mo iyan. :-)

  2. Hi there! :) Trying to be active in my blog again. Sorry for not dropping by. I wanted to comment to congratulate you. Heehee. My boyf had OJT in Infoman.

    I also just graduated last Apr, started applying for jobs last August and started having a job by Sept. It's definitely an awesome feeling to reach your dreams little by little. I hope you well and that you'll be successful! God bless:)

    OT, I don't know if you still do link exchanges but let me know if you still do and I would still love to link exchange with you ^u^


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