Indochina: Bangkok | Part 2

If you are used with noisy cities and vast skyscrapers, Indochina should be removed in your list.
However, if you are seeking simplicity, diversity, history and quietness, this is the region where you should go!

We seizde Indochina starting off in Hanoi, Vietnam – Vientiane, Laos – Bangkok, Thailand in a five day country crawl.Here's a travel video to sum up all what we had:

Day 05
0009: China town/Breakfast/Golden Buddha
It’s our last day of the tour and it’s really good to have Filipino friends to tour us around the city.
I like how the streets of Thailand look like, it was a hot and traffic-congested Saturday morning. But what fascinated me the most is the scenic Asian scene like Philippines and Thailand but there you can still see their differences.

We started our day with the intention to see the Golden Buddha. But as DIY and budgetarian people we are, we opted not to see it because we have to pay it and also there are other Buddha available in the complex.
Sorry to disappoint but this is not the Gloden Buddha, this is another temple that can be found inside the same complex. 
This is the outside view of the Golden Buddha temple in Bangkok

1200: Lunch 
We miss rice during the trip so we decided to eat in a Chinese restaurant as it gives us the option to have rice for the day.

0200: Chatuchak 
The most famous and biggest tiangge in Asia is Chatuchak! Undeniably the scenery was festive and the items being sold are undeniably cheap. So next time you come to Thailand or you plan to visit, bring an extra cash to shop as your pasalubong (gift item) when you go back home.

Street foods are always a thing in Asia. It's a must in Asia travels!

0500: Going home
Our flight was on the same day but we had enough time to pack and still enjoy our way back home

It was a beautiful tour and we truly learned a lot seeing the similarities of Asians and their culture. We cannot tell the differences of texts of Laos and Thais but definitely you would see that they are truly connected in this region. Travelling is beautiful and educational, and Indochina is a taste of the now and of the were!

Decided to have Mcdonald's in Bangkok because we have different menus right? this is a thing too!
These big statues at the airport are really awesome, a majestic reminder of thai culture

Travel Video: Youtube


  1. enjoyed your photos thanks for sharing!

  2. Hope to visit this place in the future.

  3. It is so cool that you're always traveling to different places. The road during your Indochina trip is interesting. There is so much to see everywhere!

    Nancy ♥

  4. Such an incredible place! :)

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