2D1N: Kuala Lumpur

Day 4

0700: Chinatown Kuala Lumpur for breakfast
Arrived by 7am in KL. Called our reserved hotel to drop our bags and went straight to China town to try Chinese cuisine.

1000 – 1300: KLCC, Petronas Tower, KLCC park, Galeri Petronas.Ilham Galeri 
The place is kinda short so no need to transfer to see  these places in KL.

The spectacular chandelier of Petronas from the ground floor. 

1.You can have two views for a photo opp in Petronas Tower, either from the front view of KLCC mall or inside the KLCC park. We chose the KLCC park because there’s less people in there.
2.Galeri petronas is a free museum. That’s located inside the KLCC mall. Just look for the map or use GMAP to locate the museum.

1600: Central Market & Hotel 

One of my friend’s flight back to Manila is on that day, we had an Indian style dinner in Central Market and bought stuffs for his pasalu. Our hotel has pool on the roof so we decided to take a dip and spend his remaining hours together. We just sot tired of going around everywhere so a little laidback and lay low time is just so right at the moment.

Day 5
0900: Merdeka Square. Various Museums. Jalan Hang Kasturi Street
Last day of vacation and spent time in the historical landmarks of Malaysia, namely, Merdeka Square, Museum Muzik, Textile Museum. 
Since our hotel is also at the heart of KL historical landmarks, there’s the street of arts where you can buy paintings and stuff – I did not buy though but my eyes were so murdered by arts!

1200: Chinatown
Chinatown,  (like old places and unfamiliar ones) and finally went shopping again in Central Market by noon time. Checked out a Methodist Church in Malaysia and spent my remaining hours in Chinatown for window shopping.

1700: Photo opp with that doodle art in train station

I love how arts are being brought into people and now in the streets of Malaysia. My classmate who lives in Malaysia said that before, there were no stuff like that in the streets of Malaysia.

1.The relationship between ASEAN countries are awesome that you are welcome to explore the culture, similarities and differences of each.
2. Preparedness and openness is the key to a great adventure.
3. Whether travelling alone or with friends, always go outside the box, be careful and careless.
4. There’s always an end to everything and there’s always a room for the next thing.
5. Never be afraid of Muslim countries. Enjoy diversity. Stop the stigma of people wearing Hijab.

There are a lot of stories I can tell beyond this blog post that will surely help and inspire everyone, but I know wouldn’t be enough! It’s just always nice to experience wonders, taste and culture that is so different from what you used to. Being able to experience this brings so much awakening and taste in the soul to wander more and explore.

Until next time, see you around people!
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  1. Aww this looks so fun! I've always wanted to go to Malaysia but I don't have anyone to go with! Haha now that I'm reading this, solo travel doesn't sound so bad… 😛

    I'm so curious about the names of the food you tried! Are they expensive or is the price just alright? 😀

  2. Very good shots! Ang galing mo na talaga pumitik ng camera Steve. 😉

    I visited Malaysia almost two years ago and I am yet to blog about it. Grabe. Ang dami ko nang backlog.

  3. Hi Claud, sorry for being late on this. Being in a DY budget we normally eat in what we call "turo – turo" here in the Philippines, most of it are just in a range of Php. 100-150. The servings are big and enough for you to eat in a day.

  4. Hahha, Thank you ish, hope you got inspired by this too!

  5. That was a quick trip. I hope you had more time or more chances to visit again. I remembered that I was lucky enough to go there twice in a week. The food was wonderful and everything else.. fun. 🙂 Cheers 🙂

  6. It was indeed a quick one! But personally, if you are time constraint, i'd recommend SG for t being compact!. Nice of you! didn't have the chance to explore the food in ML, like the auth one. I actually had more curry and indian sides.

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