2D2N: Singapore City!

Day 02

Since we arrived late, we weren’t able to check the places we need to visit from our itinerary schedule upon SG arrival. We also came late at Universal Studios Singapore (around 10 am) that we missed one major ride.

Revenge of the Mummy: Yup, we tried this twice!

1 If you plan to seize the USS you better be arriving by 9 am at least.
2. There’s a free train service at the Vivo City on the top level, so you don’t need to pay for bus going to Sentosa Island and vice versa.
3. Bring water/bread because again, it’s pricey inside the USS. You can also eat first prior heading to USS. From the Vivo City, go to the other side of the road and you will see a foodcourt that offers Php 100 meal that’s heavy enough for the day. Bonus: Freshly made juices and dishes.
4. There are lockers inside USS. It’s your call if you wanna bring stuff. Locker’s though have payment per time period. Most lockers are allocated per ride.
5. You gonna get wet in Jurassic Water Adventure, so please bring extra clothing and shoes or be caught off guard!. Trust me!

To add more theme in Universal Studios’ Jurassic park, their cafeteria is
designed with this gigantic skeleton interior.
Go far far away with Shrek!
Tried out Singaporean Laksa. I love how the shrimp taste so fresh. This is also the reason why we
missed a major ride in USS. We thought that the park’s still open until we finish our meal.
When we went out, almost all the amusements are closed.  

1800: Merlion Park & Dinner at Glutton’s bay.
Why eat there?
Because there’s a lot of food choices, the food are surely prepared fresh and clean and the price is cheap.

There’s “Gerry’s grill” there, a famous Filipino restaurant.
We were joking eating there instead of trying Singaporean dishes.

In case you want to learn more, here are the 10 Free things to do in Singapore.
1900: Went back to our Hostel. 
Rode a bus home. Riding a bus would allow you to view the streets of Singapore instead of going around using their subway. Subway however is very convenient for it will allow you to transfer from point to point and from destination to destination.

Day 03
Last day in Singapore. Trailed in Henderson waves, Gardens by the Bay. Marina Bay Sands, The Arts House, National Gallery Singapore and Merlion by the afternoon. We also went shopping at Orchard for affordable souvenir items and chocolates.

Can you imagine how high we were?

Lol, Arowana Grande!
So we dine for lunch in Marina Bay’s — which a little expensive.
However, it is worth it! we also had a convo with staff and talked about Philippine Politics! 
1. Allocate a whole day in Garden’s by the bay. There are so much to see in it and for sure you won’t regret being there!
2. If you wanna go trailing to Henderson waves, bring sweat suits and rubber shoes, this is more of a physical trekking kind of activity. Reward? Top view of the Singapore city!
3. Asian’s Civilizations Museum and National Galley Singapore has fees, if you’re not tight with your budgeting, you can go in. For sure you’ll learn so much in it!.
4. Shopping at Orchard till you drop! There are a lot of Pinoy and cheap items In this place. I guess a trip won’t be complete without pasalubong!

This is the staircase inside a museum — The arts house at the Old
Parliament bldg of Singapore.

0020: Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur.
– went back to JB sentral for a night travel via train. Since we did a lot of walking and trekking for the day, we got so tired and woke up finding ourselves back in Kuala Lumpur.
Seizing Malaysia!

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  1. I remember getting soaked with the Jurassic Park ride!!! I didnt bring any extra shirt with me so I had to buy! Thanks for sharing practical tips! 🙂

  2. Looks like all of you had a fun time in Singapore!

  3. Singapore City looks beautiful! Sounds like there is a lot to see out there. The Universal's there look super fun! It looks like you guys had an amazing time out there :).


  4. Singapore is such an easy place to travel in. You can pack a lot into a couple of days!

  5. Nice! For sure magagamit ko tong mga tips mo kapag nag SG ako in the future. Ganda ng vlog mo! Kee it up!

  6. Thank you very much for the detailed post about your trip to Singapore. I also wish to go there with my family and your post will surely help me lalo na sa paghahanap ng cheap food and things. 🙂

  7. Awesome, your photos look so retro! I have always wanted to try the food in Singapore!


  8. Thanks jackie/ No one told us about it so this is truly worth the share.

  9. We really did! and it was awesome. There's actually more beyond the pictures.

  10. We did nancy and there's so much to see in it. one week is enough or one and half to check everything

  11. True! I love how it is small and compact and commuter friendly!

  12. Awe thanks! Thank you for assuring me in serving this posts' purpose. I really wanna help out those na first timers. If you ever gonna go there, please share it. 🙂

  13. Thanks cess! Im just a ping away! i can help anytime.

  14. Thnks kim, i used most of the shots from my action camera and some are phone. 🙂
    I would say food would be so much nice in Hanoi, Vietnam….

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