5 Reasons to Move from Blogger to WordPress

5 Reasons to Move from Blogger to WordPress
“to the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left”

We might have heard it from Beyonce, but this also applies to my abusive and beautiful relationship with blogger in all those years. I was deceived that it was the best, but definitely, it just costs me more harm and wasted times!

I’ve been blogging for God knows when. But i felt like i am going nowhere (imagine those years?). I know, i mean, this is not just bloggers fault. There are also times that i stopped blogging. But honestly, if you want to make something about your brand and SEO ranks, blogger’s fooling you sister!.

Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is better than Blogger:
  1. Blogger owns your content (it’s possessive) – For sure, you might be surprised as how i am surprised too!. But yes they own ALL of your contents because it’s part of their policy. Because yes, i am not the only who for sure did not read and understand the policy and just proceeded in “i understand” button. But if you’re contents are dear to your, before you lose all your work just because you just crossed the lines of their policy, you better think of another platform to move into.

2. It hurts your SEO – What puzzles me is that, Blogger.com is basically owned by Google but it seems like indexing and ranking your site to google is harder than in wordpress. WordPress has many easy plugins to use and help you rank higher in SEO, and believe me, when i found this, i asked myself, why did it took me too long to move?. I’ve done cross checking in Google using wordpress and blogger. Searching my blog when i was in blogger sucks! I am on the 3rd page!. But now that i am in wordpress, searching my link puts it on the #1 spot. Also in blogger you’re the one customizing all. Blogger lacks of tools to help you understand what’s indexing, SEO and other geeky useful things for online branding.

3. It’s Hard to Customize (unless you’re an HTML/CSS wizard) – Understandably, if you are new to blogging, blogger is really the ease. it’s simple. drag and drop and viola, you have your blog. But girl, if you want to earn some money, this is not the way. Sure, moving to worpress and using the new interface was hell as well. Not to mention web server customization, FTP and what-not also sucks in wordpress but it was rewarding!. I earned new learning as i customize my new blog. But as you want to do more in your blog, customizing, adding pages, custom URLs, buttons and all is such a nightmare in blogger. In wordpress, many free themes and plugins are readily available to suit your blogging/website needs.

4. It’s not Good for your Blog & Advertisers – Yoast plug in helps me so much in building a readily and quality contents. For advertisers and brands, partnering for your blog optimization, quality contents are important. Yoast is so much helpful in that, making sure that my articles are in good shape as i publish them. Whilst in blogger, they lack of cross-checking capability. If one day you decide to optimize your blog, don’t be surprised if they decline you!. After all those years, i learned that all my blogger articles are just crap. Now i am in the process of building a quality content to optimize my blog. Imagine all my wasted energy going back to basically nothing!

Using wordpress builds more confidence not only for you but also to brands that willing to pay you for your passion!

5. It Hinders your Growth as a Blogger & for your Brand – There are days that i felt like i should be earning more money. But i feel like i am going nowhere just because of my poor SEO performance. I’d say that moving to wordpress and learning how website works (such as web hosting, FTP, SSL, SEO and other web development geeks) made me feel that i am growing as blogger. Understanding these help me see my goals of where i want my blog and brand to go!

I am not saying that Blogger was the bad guy. I mean, using blogger were also wonderful years. If you are a hobbyist in blogging and a new comer, blogger is good for the beginning. But if you are making blogging as a career, better waste your time not in blogger. Instead use wordpress so you build your credibility, SEO and more as time passes by. Moving blog posts from Blogger to WordPress is also another nightmare, but that’s for another story.

Happy Blogging!

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    1. woooo! That’s good then!

  1. I’m not into SEO and monetizing my blog, but I do agree with some of your points, especially the customization! I never used Blogger for more than a week because I found it so hard to use and “make the site my own”. I still suck at coding in WordPress, but at least there are lots of plugins and customization options from within the theme that you can use if you want to change something! 😀

    Oh, and congrats on the move to WordPress! 😉

    1. IKR? such an ease!

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