A Curios Mind: Mascara [Book 3]

APRIL 2013. 
Cassandra and KC broke up. KC has finally broke up with her. Yes, KC loved Cassandra, she cherished her and never regret loving her. Even those years, KC knew that this will happen, that they will eventually go to separate roads., but KC knew that this is the right thing to do. KC, always wanted to save her ex lover, her girlfriend, Cassandra. 
 JUNE 2014. 
As I looked at his casket right now, I remember the time when Brian and I met on that train accident in 2011. He was hit by a car last week, it was an accident but the driver’s still on loose. Since Cassandra and I broke up few months ago, Cassandra seemed to throw her life already. I hear stories that she fights often in bars, she got convicted, she did this and that. I felt guilty about what happened to her, knowing that I am the only person that can save her. But I hope that Cass realize someday that we all have our choices. People come and go in our life, all we can do is to learn from them, and never blame them for what we have become or what we will be someday, because, it’s always our choice, choice to be a better version of ourselves.
I am thankful at least that Brian was used by God for me to meet my future husband—-Jack. Jack and I met last year when Brian invited me in their church. Jack and Brian are best friends since childhood, and for a man losing His friend is like losing his own life too.
I’m just gonna be a Godly woman that God wants me to be for Jack, for my future children and for my family. A woman who values herself, as how I am valued by my Savior Jesus Christ and a wife that gives comfort for my family. 
 JULY 2014.
I don’t care about the world anymore or what I do with my life. This is my life and I should live this the way I want it to be. I knew that stupid Brian churchy guy and KC tried to win me or invite me in their church, but that’s not my thing. I mean? How could you ever trust this guy who took away the woman you love and made her his girlfriend? Stupid right?. So no, I am not joining their show. 
Who would even thought that it was a homicide? Haha. When I saw Brian crossing that street, all the memories of KC went back. The thought of Brian kissing KC killed me, brought pain and tears in my eyes, that, made me decide to step on that gas pedal and hit him as he crossed the street leaving him dead. 
That was my sweet revenge. The feeling of tears and mascara on my face as I hit his body was priceless. No one can have KC, she’s better alone rather than be with Brian. There will never be a happy ending as long as I live, it’s gonna be a miserable life. 
Yes, I killed Brian. This is my choice. We all have our choices.


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  1. The plot thickens. Murder. A crime of passion. For July 2014, isn't that Cassandra's voice? So how come her name appears in the following sentence: " I knew that stupid Brian churchy guy and Cassandra tried to win me or invite me in their church, but that’s not my thing."
    and KC ended up with Jack but Cassandra thought KC got together with Brian?

  2. "I knew that stupid Brian churchy guy and Cassandra tried to win me or invite me in their church, but that’s not my thing. I mean? "

    Im just confused with this. Should it be Cassandra? Or you mean KC? Cassandra is the one narrating this part right?

  3. Those were typos.Corrected it. 🙂

  4. Ah, so you corrected it as another reader also spotted the same thing.

  5. Yes mun, i did. it slept at my sight. 🙁

  6. I am too confused on what's prompted Cassandra to killed the man. Is it hatred per se or there is a deeper motive involved.

  7. what?? i didn't see that coming… who would have thought that Cassandra will go that far… too bad for Brian I thought there will be a Brian-KC relationship here but then there's Jack and they got married na…

  8. this was slightly scary to read cos i have a few friends whose names are KC! heh 🙂

  9. Killed by emotionally? Or literally? I like thrillers plot

  10. Steve, I have cast the vote. So scary, how a person can be driven to murder!

  11. oh, so Brian was murdered! but KC was 'snatched away' by Jack, right? So why did Cassandra kill Brian instead?

  12. Nope, there will be none! hahahhaa. Cause we all have choices and what we usually thought of things that normally wont happen!

  13. Cause she's confused and assuming, that's why we shouldn' t assume things papaleng. 🙂 I bet you wanna read the other parts of the book so you could further understand the story line.

  14. Yeah, you should be very careful!

  15. Thank you so much Nancy! True, to think that this is her choice!

  16. Hi Lee, this is i think due to passion. I bet you wanna read the other parts of the story so you could dig in to the characters

  17. Hi Mia, i bet you wanna read the other parts of the book for deeper understanding of the story. 🙂

  18. Is this the end? Sayang naman. Nice Kuya Steve 😀
    God Bless.

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