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 March 29, 2011. 
This is just me. I just don’t believe in anything. I just believe in myself. I don’t care of what they think about me. I believe that everyone is equal, that I have the right to love who I wanna love. This is reality, this is life. I’m gonna live this. Nobody can stop me.


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  1. Hmmm… na curious naman ako bigla sa story na toh 🙂

  2. Hi Steve, that is a great picture of the tree without leaves. Yes, I believe we are all free to love who we want to love.

  3. I know i posted a comment here but its gone. Hahah love the prologue, makes me more curious about the story. haha looking forward to it


  4. This is very powerful – to believe in ourselves. Not many of us do it and I always find it very inspiring to meet people that actually do 🙂 What a wonderful post!

  5. "I don't believe in anything. I believe in myself". Beautifully stated. I'm one who is curiouser and curiouser. Dig your writing.

    – Micaela

  6. Nakakacurios talaga ito fiel! haha

  7. It'll become more interesting when the story get published mich!

  8. Aw, sorry for the bugs~ I am curios about the story too!

  9. Indeed, powerful cause the character is strong as well.

  10. Can't wait to read more!

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