A-Rest Day!

Since i am now an employee and my tantrums of being a student is over, as well as i have able to overcome my flight tendencies in our company i am now enjoying the privileges of having my vacation leaves.

Well, as i work, i now truly understand the hardships of my parents, as they say “working hard for the money” and now truly understand why people love weekend and why we all love the what-we-so-called-stress-reliever vacation leave.

I got a three day leave, and i was wondering where should i spend it and how? I’ve got great plans but plans sometimes don’t fall to it’s original blueprint. So, it was a come-what-may week.

Well just sharing where i just wandered. 🙂

Day1: Quezon City Circle | Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife
Day2: UP Diliman
Day 3: ———– just home. 


Credits to my friends RJ and Kelvin. 


in UP Diliman


Credits to RJ who took this photo, i though this was an off.
After editing, the photo turned to wonder! 

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  1. I have the same realizations as yours. Now we both understand what hardships our parents experienced just to earn money for the upkeep of our families.

    It is good that your vacation leave is well spent.

    Very cool photos too. 🙂

  2. Sarap magbakasyon…after several days of work!
    At lalo na kapag 'refreshing' ang mga places na pupuntahan.
    Sarap magstay dun sa images number 3, 6 at 8…
    Thanks for dropping by my blog : )

  3. I love weekends/vacations too. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for visiting my site again Steve. It's good to know you're now working, congrats. 🙂

  4. Oiiii kamusta na Steven!!!! XD

    Long time no chat/see ah :))

  5. At this point in time I sometimes wish that I am still young and in college because believe me, it's actually the best part of my journey in life. Who would not want to have free food, free lodging and free money( all – courtesy of my parents) Those days were gone but the good thing was it's my turn to do the same for my kid. what our parents did were the vision they want for us, we didn't know that then but now I realized I am blessed to have parents like them. Now I just have to be a blessing for my kid too :). Nice blog and cool pictures too 😀

  6. It's great that the weather cooperated well during your three-day lakwatsa. I especially love the third photo because of the reflection on the water. It looks serene. If I remember it right, this is located at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. Tama ba? It's been ages since I've visited the place.

    Keep shooting and keep sharing your photos.

  7. gusto ko to ginawa mong makulay ang qc circle… napaka peaceful ang effect dahil sa mga photos… keep blogging cheers

  8. Thanks Ish, also for sharing my post in FB, really appreciate that. 🙂

  9. Thanks manong, i don't want to call you manong, do you hav eany other names? hahahha, well if you prefer manong it's fine with me. 🙂

  10. Thanks Nortehanon. Yeah, the weather did. The photo is taken there yes, mgnda mmasyal na weekdays para konti lang tao. 🙂

    I appreciate the kind words. 🙂

  11. Fan mu na ko Sam! hahahahaha. TRue, everything is free when we were young. I am also glad today na kahit papano i am able to help my parents and stand on my own feet, independent talga akong tao eversince. May mga realization talga tayu pag nasa feet na tayu g ating mga magulang.

    I would say i love your blog as well.

  12. Ayos lang fiel, miss ko na din mag blog, hahahahaha, hindi pa ito ang katapusan, marami pa tyung mga topics na paguusapan. 🙂 see you soon

  13. Thanks tal, Yeah, mag one one year na po. 🙂 More to come for us. 🙂

  14. No Probs Ric, isa ako sa mga susubaybay sa blog mu. 🙂

    Yeah, nandito ka ba sa pinas? if yes, you could try going to those places as well. 🙂

  15. Flight? You're a flight attendant or a pilot? Where to? You can fly to Malaysia sometimes – airline staff gets special cheap fares.

  16. Actually what i mean about that is that i am planning to resign from my job today. 🙂

  17. Ang lapit ko lang sa QCMC pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ako nakakapunta doon. Haven't seen your blog in a while nice to be back

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