Adarna: A vintage experience. [ Why must dine here? ]

I had a long break from writing and it seems like i don’t know how to do it again that my senses are not so used about thinking while typing the words that are from my mind!. Still, i miss blogging, i want to share all those potential posts that i thought when i am out and doing my real-world agendas. Those potential posts will be in series ’cause i really want you all to know how great life is so as the world.
Being in college and while doing our thesis, i have been to many places for data gatherings, interviews and other thesis-related stuffs. I went to northern and central Luzon. I even memorized EDSA routes, haha.

As part of our fulfilment in one of our subject, we went to ADARNA Food and Culture Restaurant.  This restaurant showcases the Filipino Cuisine and the touch of Spanish and older eras. According to our tour guide, the place is really a house and converted into a restaurant. The antique pieces are combination of the original owner of the house and collection of Adarna’s owner. You will be fascinated with the place because all of the rooms have different unique collections, pieces, pictures, books, something that is vintage is there.

About the cuisine, they offer regional flavors from northern to southern Philippines (specialty of every regions). As I’ve heard, they use natural spices and flavorings to prepare the foods they offer that makes it taste original, unique and vintage. While you’re there, you won’t hear any modern songs but oldies like sad movies, put your head in my shoulder, etc.

So, if you want to travel into the vintage Filipino culture, if you want to celebrate you Pinoy blood, if you’re looking for uniqueness and great Filipino cuisine, Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant is the place where you must be.

This Jukebox only accepts 1995 coins and older
This Piano is more than 100 years old.
They say that those who have crowns way back then are
belonged to high society, just like these ladies.

Before we proceeded to adarna we went to centris walk to have some sort of walk and leisure. Also, we applied the learnings we had about fine dining from our subject when we went to adarna. Our class, Bachelor of  Science in Computer Engineering section four-two A or simply BSCoE 42a:

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There are also other reviews about Adarna Food and Culture Restaurant. Check them out to Mr. Google.

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  1. wow… that place looks nice. ang ganda ng ambiance. gusto ko ung mga ganyang place… oldies or vintage ba. hehehe

    thesis talaga padusa pero at least nakakarating ka sa iba't ibang lugar dba? 🙂

  2. That's so cool! A Filipino restaurant with antique stuff in it! I want to try going there someday when I visit the Philippines =D

  3. Interesting! Gusto nga ng kapatid ko na pumunta kami jan!

  4. Waaaa! Parang nasa Vigan yung place ng resto.
    Antique lovers should go to this place.

    I have never seen a real jukebox. awww. dapat ata pumunta rin ako dyan haha! 😀

  5. Wow! The place is really good. At first, I thought that you will be talking about the Adarna books that is so famous during my childhood days.

  6. Naku high society pala sila Ateng sa picture!!! Akala ko mga models lang hehehe

  7. i can't help but notice the century-old piano…

  8. Wow. Adarna seems like a wonderful place. Where is it located?

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