Agnes of God

Last June 6, 2008 we watched a play entitled Agnes of God. The play was directed and adapted for stage by Mel Magno starring Dimples Romana, Paw Diaz , Lui Manansala, & Robert woods. We are forced to pay for the ticket, it will be included in our tuition fee so we have nothing to do about it, it’s our choice if we gonna watch the play or not and it’s our lost if we won’t avail it(artista kaya yung mga characters!).
When we got into the Cinema, and before the play starts the director shared his experience about doing the play, including the years they’ve been making it, and the worst audience they had, so, before the play starts he had his sermon, and as he was doing his sermon i was talking to myself and said “Nakakainis naman, parang gusto kong mag-walk out, ano ba ang tingin niya sa’min?unprofessional?hindi marunong mag-appreciate ng mga gantong event?”, the reason for him to sermon is because the other STI School was late but we are not included no!It’s seems like he generalized it!.

Then the play started and when it is finished he said that we are great audience, so na-relieve naman ako!Mabait pala!…and then he gave us the chance to took pictures in the artists, because during the play no gadget is allowed(ofcourse that’s a form of Piracy!and i understand that).

So ayun, I went into the stage and took pictures with dimples. Here’s the cast of the play:

This is me with Ms. dimples, and before she left i told her that i was watching lobo and she said “talaga?salamat ha!”.
this is the ticket for the play.
and the poster:

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