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I really wanna share those things and places that i have been at these past months, that’s why i always bring my digital camera with me every time i am in the field. As part again (i hope that you won’t think that this is enough) thesis 0, we’ve been so many places for data gatherings, interviews and research. I usually divide my team mates to different types of labor, so me aside from the documentation, is assigned that day to go to Pampanga and Nueva Ecija to visit a poultry farm because if you know our thesis is about automated poultry farming named “Poultry Farm Feeding Machine”. 
Aside from Pampanga and Nueva Ecija we also went to Department of Agriculture and forwarded to Bureau of Animal Industry, good thing as compared to other government agencies, these agencies are very accommodating. They even gave us cds, brochures, data, interviews and they said that if the outcome of the project is good then they will consider our thesis and will be posted to their website for referrals. 
Ok let’s back all the way up northen Luzon——Pampanga, i’ve seen the Mt. Arayat, i were just at the  bottom of this mountain because the location of the poultry farm that i was visiting is there. The main business of people there is poultry farming (Chicken), it’s like poultry farms here and there. I always thought that the “province image” can only be seen down of the Philippines, the Visayas and Mindanao part but i was wrong, the place, the people, the language, the atmosphere is very visayan and very urban. So, learning again, you would know if the place is a province already if:
  • The language is different
  • The houses are made or a combination of a concrete and nipa.
  • The road is made of asphalt and soil.
  • There are rivers, huge rivers.
  • The houses are far to each other
  • There are lots of trees especially mango trees, banana and buko.
  • The houses have their own yards.
  • There are rice farms and mountains somewhere far.
I’ll give you a taste of Pampanga and Nueva Ecija:
Mt. Arayat
Poultry Chickens’ Cage
As i was here, i feel like i am an investigative engineer ’cause i have a pen, paper, keep on asking questions , taking down notes and taking pictures here, there and taking videos. haha. But i like this feeling. Y
ou? share me some of your experience!

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  1. Wow! Kainggit naman ikaw. I have never been to Pampanga, nadaan lang ako dyan kapag papunta ako sa Subic.

    Also, isang beses lang ako napunta sa Nueva Ecija at matagal nang panahon iyon.

  2. nice view! you're surrounded by all those greeneries! inggit much lang ako. hahahaha

  3. T_T i wish i could travel again

  4. Awts. Love the photo of Mt. Arayat.
    Never been to this place. *envy*

  5. Oh you were at the foot of Mt Arayat? 🙂 That sounds cool :3 I haven't been to Nueva Ecija. I've been to Pampanga but I was still very young XD

  6. Nice thesis! Paano i-aautomate ang poultry? Nakakaisip akong robots and machines and stuff hehe. Thesis kasi namin noon eh boring, automated payroll lang.

  7. astig naman ng thesis nio… na-eexcite na rin ako this coming sem kasi start na rin kami sa thesis. makakapag lakwacha na naman ako. bwahaha 🙂

    astig sa Pampanga at Nueva Ecija. I've been to both places. hahaha. ang gala ko kasi… tas ung Mt. Arayat… astig din dun! 😀

  8. I've only been once sa nueva ecija nung na invite ng classmate dati. Pampangga namn never ko pa na explore. Parati lang nadadaanan ng sasakyan.

  9. "Poultry Farm Feeding Machine" — that is so LEET. Well, good luck in your Thesis 0, working on it even on vacation days will pay you off with a good grade.
    I've never been to the place where you went. I pretty get the idea with the good photos you posted. It's cool to work on your thesis and at the same time, enjoy going to a place that you haven't been before.
    Good luck.

  10. Cool! Automated poultry…yung digital counter at conveyor will work hehehe…

    At ayos din ang trip nyo…provincial and refreshing!

  11. Siguro ang sarap rin magbakasyon sa probinsya. It's so relaxing, sa pics pa lang. :]

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