Alma Moreno with Reservations

The Philippine election is fast approaching and we are 6 months away from it. Now, everyone who eyes to have a seat in various political positions are already in the loose chasing voters through campaigns, black propaganda (Hi Mr. VP Binay, BLACK propaganda indeed) and TV interviews.
Came last Monday, I woke up receiving a text message from my college classmate asking if I have watched Alma Moreno’s interview with Karen Davila in ANC’sheadstart. I’m like “what’s up with the interview?”, so I went to YouTube to watch it. 
For me, the interview went well and I was guessing where is the awkward part of the interview since the video was labelled like “watch Alma’s interview with Karen Davila that turned out to be awkward”. I have noticed that there are points that she hit, however, there were parts of it where she stuttered and seem to have gotten confused about the question regarding the current issues in the Philippines especially the RH bill (Reproductive Health Bill).

Karen Davila “So are you for the Reproductive Health law?”
Alma Moreno: “Nuh???..Uhm… yes, yes, ok yes!”
Karen Davila: Yes in all forms or yes with reservations?
Alma Moreno: “Yes with reservations…”
Karen Davila: “What are the reservations?”
Alma Moreno: “Do i need to answer that?”
Karen Davila: “Of course, you’re running for the senate!” 

Her name went to twitter  immediately and trended, there were even fandoms about her running as a Senator. Through that interview, seems like people measured her capability as a Senator  and she was also linked to her former role as a sexy star (I’m like really? What’s the connection about her past and future, everyone deserves to start somewhere to have a new role in this world). I can also say that she’s honest with her answers.
I Think:
  • We should not judge her based on that  interview, she might really went there without studying these issues (maybe she’s still studying it today step by step as she prepare to run for the senate). Remember that a role of city Counselor (which is a local position) is not related to a national one. Everything can be studied along the way once she gets there.
  • She’s aspiring, she makes mistakes, we are not in the position to bash her, she’s a Filipino still, let’s think about her family too that might be affected by this issue.
  • I could say, she really prayed for it (as what she mentioned ), but praying is not about miracles, this should be a lesson for her to take this position seriously because at least Filipinos are wiser voters now. This should also be a lesson for all the those aspiring politicians to take running seriously. Politics and public service is not a playground for bored people. 
  • Let’s research about her career tracks if she really rocked it, from there, let’s decide whether she deserves a reservation in our votes instead of basing our decision only on that interview.

I am neutral about our political candidates, let’s all give them a fair judgement through research instead of basing our votes on what is seen in the TV, news (as we know that this is filtered), or social media trends. Let’s all be responsible.
The Who Wants to be a Millionaire Version
Here’s a caption from Atty. Kath Sadsad, a total summary of what i think,
agree upon and to sum up this post. 

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  1. For someone who wanted to vote there in the Philippines, it amazes me how someone who is running for one of the highest positions can be so clueless in so many topics. I watched the interview a few times and I cringe when Ms Moreno says something like "pinag-aaralan" ko pa or the never ending giggles.

    But then again, I won't be surprised if she got elected.

  2. May the election goes smoothly and peacefully and everyone will vote wisely for the right people into office.

  3. Yes, that;s what we're hoping here! Thank you for the concerns nancy!

  4. "But then again, I won't be surprised if she got elected."

    True, idk with people… but seems like Binay might be winning as well, oh gosh! good thing that atleast we have miriam and duterte to choose from..

  5. Not easy with elections, choices and voting. I hope all goes well.
    How are you Steve?
    Good to see your face!
    Happy Thanksgiving
    God Bless

  6. i haven't been following the news on the philippine elections, so it's pretty cool to read your take and perspective … and it'll be interesting to see what happens when the elections come closer! this is my first time hearing about alma moreno 🙂

  7. This just got the nation buzzing, huh?

    My two cents:

    1. My sister posted regarding this video and said, "When you're applying for jobs, the interview questions are tough. Why did she expect easy questions when she's running for one of the highest positions in the country?" and to which I agree. Pag ginigisa naman tayo ng interviewer sa pag apply ng trabaho we don't take it against the interviewer except maybe if it's below the belt. Which never happened to me so far. It is their job to find out WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT THE POSITION WE ARE ASPIRING FOR. In Ms. Moreno's case, she seems unprepared not only for the interview but for the job/position she's applying for. Oo pwedeng aralin while you're there na but isn't it better if alam mo na what you're getting yourself into? Lalo na if buong bansa aasa sayo at hindi isang kumpanya or client lang?

    2. No, it's not right to bash her. We don't know half of her story and some comments are too harsh. Nobody's perfect. Pero if you're running for a national position, the expectations from you is really high. The nation's future is in your hands.

    3. Again, the Bible verse "Faith without action is dead" has been proven right. Prayer is powerful, but we need to cooperate with God to get what we want. Sabi nga ni Bro. Bo Sanchez, "If God wanted to just feed us, He would have just made a mouth. But we're given brains, hands, feet for us to use to work."

    4. I think with the many aspirants/candidates this election, we can objectively choose those who does not only have the heart (I think with what's happening now, halos lahat ng Pilipino ay gusto na lang tumakbo para maayos ang mga hindi tama na nakikita nila. My heart goes out to those the press label "nuisance" na maganda ang intensyon; ang makatulong sa Pilipinas). I think the combination of passion for serving + basic knowledge for the position + integrity is what we're looking for. Kaso, I'm not sure if madami pang ganyan. Lesser ever has been the basis for the past few elections if I'm not mistaken.

    We may empathize, sympathize and be kind to Alma, but we don't have to give her our vote. Gising, Pinoy! 🙂

    Always great to visit your blog. I enjoy the topics you choose. Makes me think. 😀

  8. I am not an Alma Moreno fan but I'm glad to see someone who treated her fairly. A friend said that Karten Davila's way of interviewing Alma went overboard and she pushed her to that awkward position.

    More "awkward" moments to come as 2016 election get near.

  9. I watched the interview and… 😀 however, i have to say that it wasn't as bad as i was expecting. Maybe because I was already preconditioned because I've seen memes and opinions on my Facebook wall. Dun lang medyo nagkagulo sa RH part talaga.

    I agree to what you said, she has become a living lesson to all those who have political ambitions…. sincere or not. You don't mess up with Karen Davila hahahahaha or with the media in general.

  10. It's up to us voters whether we want her to have a seat in the Senate 🙂

  11. hindi rin ako makamove on sa interview na ito… it just made so clear that Alma is not good enough for the senate…. I'm sure Filipinos are smart enough to realize that… bashing her however is not a smart move at all….I agree with you, we are not in the position to bash her

  12. yes that's true, may the best candidate win!

  13. hahahahahha, we'll i should say that Karen took that interview well, she's very educated. 🙂

  14. have they interviewed Binay? Oh i wish!

  15. Oh wow, this is really an incredible and honest comment here, one of the bests!, i totally agree on the points you gave her, and just like everyone else, i wont even be voting for her for the the senate. However, i think, she still deserves a spot, if, she study the law even more.

    I actually didn't thought that this is a nice topic, well, i though this once's a crappy and late, as this one's happened last week. 🙂

  16. Next year will even be more riot sean and i'll be doing a series of politician reviews especially for Presidents.

    Alma Moreno was an actress here in the Philippines until she joined the politics, many celebrities here in the Philippines do that, one even became a president…

  17. Aw, yes, we're really hoping for a change here in the Philippines.

    I'm good, my schedule is once again hectic, but im happy, currently occupied with church and blogging activties all almost every weekend.

    Happy thanksgiving, i missed your blog everytime, i'm sorry, i'll check them all out!

  18. True, but again, the vote is not for her this time, may all the Pinoys see that. Study more and she would make it, who are we not to give her a chance if she proves that she's capable in pushing senate laws! 🙂

  19. I beg to differ.

    The interview is the tip of the iceberg, and we can actually have a quick glance of what she is really as a citizen and a future national legislator.

    While it is true that everything is studied along the way, still this is the Senate. It's easy to be a local city councilor, because the city regulations are sometimes based on common sense and existing national laws. Perhaps in the case of a city councilor, one can learn the local law-making business along the way. But in the Senate, it is different. We're not simply dealing with rules and regulations. People there discuss doctrines of law, constitutional principles that could define the future of the state and the people, and it is the very hub that will condition the political culture of the country.

    True, she's an aspiring candidate and she is human, she makes mistakes. But here another thing, they are all running for a public office. if they had the guts to aspire for a national position such as the senate, then they shouldn't be so onion-skinned. They are allowing themselves to be exposed to public scrutiny, and public scrutiny, whether done on correct opinions or wrong theories, is the non-negotiable duty and freedom of the people. Her family should simply accept such fate. This is public office, not some movie or soap opera where they behave like drama queens. And yes, our legislative chambers are composed by many drama queens.

    I'm not saying that she does not have the right to run for the Senate. Of course she does, but i hope she finds her true calling. Common sense will tell her she's not for the senate. I believe that she can be a governor. I would vote for her if she runs for governor or mayor, or any public office of the Executive Branch. I could even consider voting her for Vice President. But the Senate? Please.

  20. My mom said that she is very good in Program Implementation, but being in a Senate still needs to have all the needed requirements to be an effective one. That doesn't mean that we have the intention to change the government we can run. But let's see, I still believe the people has the power to actually make the government change not the leaders. 🙂

  21. This is really one of the honest comments that i got about this issue. (oh and i love it so much) For me, as like what i said, she deserves a respect, i mean, maybe she really cannot make it on the Senate for now, bu at least consider kindness esp those who link her about her former sexy roles. — cause bashers are sometimes getting way over the issue.

    Voting and the senate itself, for now, she's still not ready for it. I can say that she has the heart, she maybe have that clean intentions but the skill has to be there. I hope that alma would not lose heart if she lost this time, we need a clean heart (?) and skill for the senate, something that's have to be there.

  22. Wow, this is nice to know, something positive about alma, cause i think people judged here about her interview. In a common ground, i thhink she still needs to practice more her skills, maybe a governor first then for senate. 🙂

    Such a nice feed Jeini!

  23. The problem I have with her not answering well is that the senate is about talking. I'm sure she has a lot of brilliant minds in her staff and she was unable to use them for an interview. Her inability to communicate in English does not bode well for her because laws are written in English. It may not be optimal. But the reality is that to be an effective legislator/lobbyist you have to be able to defend your positions well. Estrada was able to do this in the early 90's when he spearheaded the removal of US bases in the country because he used the brilliant minds in his staff like Dodong Nemenzo. Senators don't need to be smart. They need to be smart enough to choose and use their staff. And she failed in her first go. If she wins, I'd be surprised if she becomes more than a random vote.

  24. Diane, the interview reminds me of the time when Ara Mina was running for councilor yata and was interview by Mo Twister.

  25. The fact about estrada is amazing, because i have labeled him as a corrupt politician. For me, alma is ok but i think she still needs more exposure on the legislation, i know she has the good heart, dasal dasal lang din!

    this comment of yours is really honest. Thank you so much for very informative comment.

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