An Open Letter To Myself for my 24th Birthday.

1. Your Thoughts.

Hi, i know that this time, you have been through a lot, especially from the past few weeks. Life was not easy for you, you just had you burn-out, you have no money, family issues, you’re also struggling to have a job—bigtime, and that sometimes feel that your an idiot. 

You’re also loosing your hope now, the only hope that you have is on God alone, truly, your relationship with Him from these weeks is different from the last  years of your life, maybe that’s the purpose of it all, that could be His purpose in your life. 
Whatever tomorrow brings, be still, be a man that once you were. God, He is now the center of your life, i know, that when you try to run away from him, He never leaves, He sticks with you, even if you are stubborn. Also, yes, He is graceful but i know you’re thinking that it’s maybe the consequences of all the sins that you know you’ve committed. 

2. Guilt.

How long will you be sorry?
How long will you just keep committing the same mistakes again, over and over?
How long will you put tears on your Lord’s eye?
How long will you break His heart? stop saying sorry, you choose to be where you are wicked! It’s your choice man, 

3. The Transition.

Throughout those years, God never failed you in all your endeavours, why would he leave you now? (that could be a part of your consequences). Your 23 is a struggle, a lot is changing, your priorities in life, your transitioning in almost all the aspects of your life, you’re caught between being a boy, to a man, from your past to your future, you feel choked, you feel that you’re getting old, even if the people around you tells you that you are not, but, i believe you are on the right track, you’re just building your future. You maybe thought that you are being hard on yourself, but you are not, you’re just securing you and your family’s future.

4. Reminder. 

However, all of these cannot be compared to the blessings that the Lord gave you? remember your first and second job? they’re answered prayers, remember your ministry journey? how rough it was, but yes!, they’re answered prayers. Those people who greeted you on your birthday, they’re the ones that should be the reason of your smile, your family? how they’re very supportive and proud and respectful to you in these years, remind this to yourself: You are loved by the people around you, God sent them, God loves you man. 

5. Conclusion.

Finally,  God told you these messages from those weeks of struggle. 
He has plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11). 
He’s there with you all the time (Deuteronomy 31:6) 
He is delivering you to victory. 
He wants you to be a wise man, also to be a righteous one. 
The victory is always there, God just said that many times today, hold on to that, He is faithful, stand firm in faith, the victory is near! Just wait. 

6. Note to Self

Now, if by chance tomorrow, you’ll have your victory, please read again this post, to remind yourself that you’ve been in this situation, but God helped you over to that battle you have just won. I am looking forward for you to read this in your Victorious day, and to reflect how became you and God got closer in this moment. 
You are blessed, you are the son of the creature of everything in this world, a prince, Your Daddy Lord knows best steve. He loves you. 

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  1. Mukhang may matindi kang pinagdadaanan ha. Kaya mo yan! 🙂 Be strong. Pagtanda mo mangingiti ka na lang sa mga napagdaanan mo.

  2. Good sharing and good reminder too! Stay humble and be blessed.

  3. HI, Steve!
    Great self talk. Reminds me a little of King David and how he encouraged himself in the Lord. When you visited my blog last time, I put you on my prayer list. Hope you can feel my prayers for you. He truly does love you, brother, and He has a very special plan for your life!

    Wishing you a blessed day,

  4. Happy birthday! Maging matatag lang and stay positive. Go go go 24!

  5. Hi Steve. Happy birthday! Stay positive.

    In times of struggles, trials, and difficulties in my life, I always tell myself that they're just like labor pains! It's just temporary! 🙂

  6. Actually Ish, yes meron but i know God will help me get through it! Salamat sa Bisita kaibigan. 🙂

  7. HI Mary, i really appreciate this a lot, Thanks for the prayer that you even included me! 🙂 I will also pray for you maam. 🙂

  8. Salamat Jhans! See you on your blog later! 🙂

  9. Thanks for encouraging Lil! I will also do that! Thanks a lo! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday Steve
    We all have our issues and challenges pero I still believe dun sa saying na God will not throw us stones that we cannot catch.. so i'm sure kung ano man yung pinagdadaanan mo you'll get through it an everything will fall back into place! Cheer up!

  11. Happy birthday, Steve! You have shared some great thoughts here. I find sometimes that we can be too hard on ourselves. Take care of yourself, and be kind to yourself, too. And thank you so much for adding me to your exchange links, I truly appreciate it.

  12. Stay strong, everything will fall into its proper places, soon, because as you mentioned, God is with you all the time. I too, am jobless now but I know He (the Lord) will provide one, soon. Happy birthday Steve, and God bless! 🙂

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to you! What a meaningful letter to yourself. Trust in the Lord and He will provide.

  14. Happy birthday! I love the letter!
    Melanie @

  15. happy birthday, steve!

    my wish for you is i hope that you'll overcome whatever challenges you are facing at the moment. tough times teach us to become better (and braver) persons, and like you have mentioned, god sure has plans for you. you can do it! i'm rooting for you.:)

  16. Happy birthday! Nice letter!

  17. can you add an email follow up in your blog? Easy for me to see new post when it comes to me by mail:)

  18. Hi Steve! That is a heartwarming letter to your self. Yes, don't worry, with God everything is possible!
    Belated happy birthday young man:)
    Thanks for following. I think I followed you in google already?

  19. Hi again, Steve. A belated birthday wish…Wishing you a blessed birthday and may God's blessings overflow in your life.

  20. Always welcome Linda, Thanks also for encouragement. 🙂

  21. I am receiving the blessing nancy! Thanks much.

  22. Thanks mommy joy, i think you did follow me already. 🙂

  23. Yes i actually did, still working on the site maintenance. 🙂

  24. Thanks Patti, those words of yours are enough to make my day. 🙂 Really appreciate this. 🙂

  25. AWWWW Thanks Tal, being jobless is really stressful for me but now, im using my time serving the mnistry. 🙂 I really appreciate this. 🙂

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Sorry, double comment so I deleted it. Hope you are feeling more positive now.

  28. Happy Birthday! Ah, to be 24 again . . . still so young with your whole life ahead of you! Don't worry, everything will work out.

  29. Belated birthday greetings. Hope you had a great one. All the best in the year ahead and God bless always. Cheers!

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