Blogapalooza: Why a Blogger should Attend?

The blogging community today is even more rapid as the age of mobility and social media is set and running on stage, another factor is that most people are getting access on the internet [compared to those days that wifi was not even yet invented–and the modem days baby!]. 

As i mentioned, it’s rough as well cause there’s just like a lot of bloggers and really COOL bloggers out there and everyone seems like to have their own blogs too! The competition is getting tough when it comes to seamlessness, content, niche, networks and followers—how could even one adapt to rapid & growing blogging environment? 
Why a Blogger should attend Blogapalooza? 

Blogapalooza took it at One Esplanade in Pasay last October 26, i’d say it was really a successful one!. Who the hell care attending on it anyway? well wait, here are the reasons why you should attend: 

  • Business and network opportunities – I’d say, you really have to bring a PLENTY of calling cards baby, why? ’cause you’ll be meeting businesses that can give you a lot of paid-posts, network and exclusive opportunities. Let me mention that you can also interact with the famous bloggers in town and collab; again, another opportunity to give yourself a wide connection. 
  • Freebies – When i say freebies, i mean freebies and raffles baby. Well, last Blogapalooza, there’s just a raffle for Fukuoka Japan by Cebu Pacific. JB Music invited (with free photobooth) Kamikazee, Ebe Dancel, Urbandub and Rivermaya. Maxene Magalona was also there by Flawless. Interaction with these celebs is less hassle compare to those of mall shows and public appearances–and they are exclusive for bloggers only. There were also eco bags, cool give-aways and interaction with different booths/business (there’s just bunch, i couldn’t post ’em all here!).  To know more, click this:

My Personal Takeaways: 

This is my first time attending the event and i would come back next year as i enjoyed the event so much. Aside from enjoying it, provided that they have a lot to offer for bloggers (freebies, artists, celebs, opportunities, networks, free foods and drinks), i have also learned a lot from all the speakers there.  
Here’s Ms. Valerie Tan as she talked about Blogging 101. 

“We have to take blogging more seriously, reply to your readers, know what you should write, update your blog every week, write what you love, make your blog a pro, also provide give-aways sometimes. You is your brand” [paraphrased]
-Valerie Tan,

Valerie Tan made me question myself as well, what kind of blogger really i am? what i actually write about?.That question made me decide to re-invent my blog and focus on more serious, tailored and organized blogging pattern. By next year,my blog will unveil it’s new logo and template (if needed). 
 Maxene Magalona for Flawless

“Don’t mind your bashers and just focus on positive stuffs only” [paraphrased]
-Maxene Magalona. 

Sam Oh, Rj Ledesma, Mannix Pabalan and Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin talked about responsible media. 

“I proof read, and read and re-read again my entries. I don’t want my post to be boosted as i want my readers to follow me because of the content that i and my blog offers”
– Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin, blogger.

Blogging is getting more serious lately and i would suggest that you expose yourself more in this industry. Blogging, in just few months of me coming back again, made me realize things, share my thoughts even more and made me become a credible online individual. Lastly, blogging is not just a hobby, this can open you to more doors in paid reviews, increasing network, and vast opportunity for your blogging and personal career. 
#Blogapalooza2015 #BlogapaloozaSeasons #Blogapalooza #ResponsibleMedia

Truly a treat from a band who influenced my “how-to’s”when it comes to being on stage (plus music of course!) KAMIKAZEE EVERYONE!

For Blogapalooza bloggers, here’s the promised link of my link ex project and what’s it all about:

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  1. sana kasama na ako next year hehe
    mukhang sobrang saya ng event

  2. Glad to read that you enjoyed attending the blogapalooza and derived useful things from it.

  3. Wow… Parang ang sya nga nyan.

  4. Oh, your Steven! I was the lady behind you when we fall in line for caricature. 🙂 Anyway, it's my first time to join the event. I love the sharing of ideas between Sam Oh, Rj Ledesma, Mannix Pabalan and Paulyne Lazaro-Fermin. Nice to meet you even if we only exchange smiles 🙂

  5. I'm far due for a blogger get together, as I've yet to experience any. I completely agree with Paulyne! I proof read my posts various times, and read it a couple Times while its still fresh. As I want traffic coming from interested readers.
    Ever since the versatile award I've questioned what to even categorize my blog as. I think we both had that thought in mind, as I also want to construct mine this by the end of this year.

    – Harlynn

  6. True mun, well, actually it opened me to great blogging opps, last saturday i was torn to attend two events, which is impossible to attend them all at the same time. Ended myself in bloggys 2015

  7. Oh hello miss elisa! nice to meet you too, aw, that's also my first time and it opened a lot of opps for me, how about you? and this one's a plus from it. Magiging blogging superstars na tayu! ahehehe

  8. Until now harlynn i still question my niche, i dont agree that this blog is about lifestyle as i dont feature much about lifestyle here, this is still more of personal blog. Got some ideas from the media and arts lately so… yeah!

    oh i guess you should have more research about your place to check in some places/functions that open you an opp in meeting businesses and bloggers. 🙂

  9. Wow! It sounds like you had an awesome time! I would definitely want to attend something like this! So cool! Thanks for sharing your experience, Steve! GOD bless you, my friend! 🙂

  10. It was really an awesome time TAI and i should say that after this event, it opened me to a lot of business opportunity around the metro. 🙂 God bless you too!

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