Confession of a Methodist

My blog is very sloooooooooooooooooow, right?. vacation, yes i know it is but, just like any blogger, there’s always a time that you have to look for inspirations for you to write down your emotions. Bloggers are like authors, they need inspiration so they will be able to write a good story.
My story is about faith. This has nothing to do with holy week but i bet it’s about me being addicted to Christ. Who would have thought that i am actually typing those words right now, even me alone didn’t, yes i am a christian, a Methodist since birth, but my faith for God is just average before i think i am born again just few weeks ago. 
In the bible, said that in order for you to follow and obey Jesus you have to be born again, and i believe after i have accepted Christ in my life i am born again. I just feel today that i am at the peak of my relation to God, i sometimes dream about strange dreams, actually just this morning, what did i say?, i said in my dream “Come all ye my disciples….” oh, i am not saying that i am God but i think this is more about preaching. OMG, preaching?, i don’t know, i seriously don’t know, i sometimes dream of becoming a pastor but i thought it’ll be dull, but lately i thought that God will provide my needs, so there will no worries about my needs. 
You know me guys, you know that i am serious about finishing my career, being an Engineer and become wealthy,not too much like pacquiao but you know atleast able to buy without considering the price tag. I pray, i always do to ask God what’s my purpose here, my calling. I even told Him that if he gonna use me,use my talent or hobbies so that i won’t find it hard to do it. You know what, i am into public speaking, and you know that oration is about speaking to people, so, is this His plans?, eversince?, for me to use that speaking and talkative talent for good, for people. 
I am only considering it don’t worry, i will still be an engr., maybe this thoughts that i have in my mind is just a product from this morning’s dream of mine. I have prayers and those are answered, i mean YES they all, that’s why i am telling you to pray too, solemnly, lock yourself in a room, don’t let anyone disturb you and believe that you will be answered, and you really will.

  I am a living testimony that PRAYERS WORK.

They sometimes say whenever i tell my family or my friends about words from bible that ” Magpapastor ka ba?” my aunt sometimes said also that “Baka sa susunod na makita kita Steve pastor ka na”. So what’s next to me? Only God knows. I am just so overwhelmed by his love.

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  1. I'd like to comment on this post. My views are different but I don't have time!! I'll be back!

  2. God really answers! prayer is powerful.

  3. "Mag-papastor ka ba?" 🙂
    Others consider it as an insult or praise.
    Kase di ba? I know you get my point.

    Anyway, i seldom go to church but i talk to God whenever/wherever.

    Faith is something we are born with.

    At saka Stev, before SS3 i pray a lot and God didn't fail me. 🙂
    Kaya nga i hate myself for being so impatient. 🙂 kasi binigay ni God yun gusto ko. Ü

    Ang daldal ko. 🙂 Sorry. Ü

  4. Amen.Prayer is really powerful.

  5. nice one pre 😉

  6. you can never tell.. who knows, maybe God will use you as his instrument to spread his words…

  7. Hey Steve!

    There are times when we're just not meant to understand the entirety of GOD's plan; however, we have to keep/have Faith. To quote from an SMS: "Write your plans in pencil, but give GOD the eraser (and the pencil to map out a better plan."

    GOD bless!

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