Country arrival. Part II

My aunt, my mom and I still stayed in the farm for two days after my uncle has sent to cemetery and the rest of the family went to the town (Dimasalang) where one of my uncle lives.

* The first photo are my aunts in my Grandma’s house and their background is another view of Buracan. The second photo is the service in the last day of my uncles wake before our way to cemetery.

April 27- we followed the rest of our relatives to the city to held the serbisyo the next day. But before we left, we had a picture taking together with my cousins who live there. This day, the rain was so heavy that made the river flooded and it made us hard to transfer our baggages across the river. Thanks God for giving me and my Grandfather a Height for us to get able to transfet our belongings.

* This is me together with my cousins who live in buracan and the second picture is my cousin as they walk on a foot bridge from my Grandma’s house going to attend the wake in my uncle’s house.

FYI: Serbisyo- according to my mother, a serbisyo is given to God to thank for the blessing he gave or guidance he made. We had a serbisyo (Service) for my mother’s safety trip and homecoming from saudi arabia. In serbisyo you will have to cook food and invite the people of the church to offer prayer to GOd maybe in tagalog it can be translated as “Padasal”, but serbisyo is mostly practiced by christian people in our province, i donno if it also practice in other province in the Philippines. We also offered serbisyo for my uncle for his soul.

So here are some of the moments in the service:

* My mother wearing a green daster and my aunt preparing the fruit and macaroni salad. Together with my cousins, my brother and Grandpa.

* The first photo is the people from the church as they offer a song. The second photo is my grandpa and my cousin as they clean the pig’s intestine, i donno what’s up with the pigs, cause everytime my granpa kills pigs for an occasion the killing must always have to be done in dawn, maybe it has something to do with the ritual or something, i just find it strange, and what’s good about my granpa? he didn’t sleep the whole night as he wait for the dawn, he watched manny pacquiaos fight all troughout the night!(obviously manny is he’s fave).

* My aunts and my other grandma in the first photo. My uncles in the 2nd photo who cooked the menudo and other food for the service. And me, as i wacky washing the dishes!hahaha(wala talaga akong matinong litrato).

My next post is about the happenings after the Service all our way back home here in Bulacan.

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  1. aruy! stay up all night and watched pacquiaos? haha. adik ang lolo ai. hahah. what's behind that ritual kaya? hmm. =]

  2. Wow ang saya gs2 ko dn haha, yun lang nga.. wala na ako oras for that errr. T_T

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