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OMG this is the last week of my vacation, so i really have to spend this week wisely, i am quite excited about it, i will again join BULPRISA but my coach still don’t know on which category i will join.

i just wanna say thank you to all those bloggers who replied and visit my site and accepted my link ex offer, “F” for those who dont! (May araw din kayo”:p).

So let’s continue our chat about masbate trip, but first, forgive me for not updating these days, i just feel lazy to update, but i blog hopped.

April 21- we arrived in Pilar at 12 pm, we took the ride in ferry boat for about 3-4 hours and arrived in Masbate City at around 4:00-4:30 pm. I consider the ferry ride as the most exciting part of the trip, because you will be overwhelmed in the view as you ride the ferry. Here’s the view of it:

* the first photo is the port of pilar. The other 2 photos are view of the islands.

When we arrived in masbate, we went straight to the jeepney station to take a ride going to Magsaysay(town). When we arrived in Magsaysay we took a habal-habal ride going to buracan. FYI: habal-habal is like a motorcycle that has 3 persons to ride on it. We arrived in Buracan at 9:00 pm and went straight to the wake of my uncle, meet our unts and cousins and took a sleep in my uncle’s house. We spent the whole week in buracan until my uncle was sent in his final destination, in the cemetery(dated April 25, 2009). Here are some shots of Buracan:

*Nights are also rainy when we were there, as you can see in the first photo the soil is wet and muddy.

On my next post i am gonna tell you our last days in Masbate and our family bondings. Just keep the comments coming, surely they’ll all be replied when i am online.

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  1. Wow, your classes will start soon na pala!
    Enjoy the last 3 days! =))

  2. Haaaay im missing my province naa. Especially yung bukid hehe ang sarap mag[ahangin jan. Buti na lang safe po trip mo 🙂

  3. The typical "probinsya" scene. Like it. Sulit na sulit nga bakasyon mo. Dami mo napuntahan. Now where'd you go this week? Hehe.

  4. sulit bakasyon mo kuya ha.. ako, nasa bahay lang.. boring life. LOls

  5. Yays.. seems like u had a good time
    on ur vacation. I can't wait to have one as well.
    I've nvur been to masbate , It sounds like a good place anyway..

    Cool shots, I missed riding boats, ZOMG!
    Now this makes me xcyted about going h0me to phils.

    Oh well…hav fun

    thanks foR droppin by to my siteee

  6. wow…
    it is as if you are so close to nature.

    sad to say,vacation will end soon. 🙁

    want to visit Masbate too. 🙂

  7. I would like to visit Masbate soon!

  8. hayy! envy mode kuya! your summer such a blast! ikaw na nga ang paparito–paparoon! boring talaga summer ko. naiingit talaga ako.

    about the ferry ride! i last rode when i was 8years old. and i was like turning 19 now.. wth! haha! my life seems so boring now. *shet. haha!

    i really like the palayan view (or what you call that place?). sarap magemote ee! hahaha!

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