Flashback Friday.

Some things just don’t work out. 

Hello everyone? Once a blogger, will always be. I miss writing and telling wonderful stories even just simply about my day, my rants, i actually thought that i am a writer, and through this blog i could express a lot and it seems like all of us share the same feelings about blogging, this is our escape, our own world.
Things have changed a lot. In blogging, about how the mobile era have changed, i even imagine years ago when i was blogging — “what if we have the capability to blog everywhere and talk everywhere while on the run” and blah! Welcome instagram, selfies, hastags, mobile life, skype, app sync! 

Things change, that’s constant.                       

Even my blogger friends, for which i know some of you recognize me still and for some that i cant find in the blogosphere anymore, those days that im excited to blog hop (are those terms that i use in blogging now are still the same or they evolved as well?). Congratulations to wickedmouth! Happy for your book launching! weee, iblog hopped and i saw your post! 🙂 
I dont know when i will write again, just for now, i have an urge to write and express and i always dream that i come home early and type again and share a lot of things, edit and upload and customize my blog again and rant again of the things that happened to me that day, or in that week, or new discoveries or life milestone. I just miss you blog! Bye for now! The real world wants me again, that’s the reason why i’m busy. Oh, just popped out from my head, how i was a student blogger and now i can feel the sentiments of working-people-blogger! (that term sounds so wrong). 
Ill be catching up in your blog guys, im thrilled to share a lot of stories with you! I hope i could come back as soon as possible! This blog also needs to have a lot of renovation! 
Holiday on Monday! Enjoy your long weekend!. 
PS. This post is a raw one, any mistakes in my grammar or spelling, just let it be. Im typing it real now while i think. Also, as i was viewing my posts years ago, my grammar is terrible, i hoped it improved. My posts are like ages after another entry comes in, i think my next post will be next year!. hahaha. 

it was a great feedback i recieved from all of you from my previous post. I’ll reply to them all. Check me in your inboxs. 

Photo Credit: http://behindthehustle.com/2014/05/20-time-management-lessons-learn-20s/

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  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes, keep on going – that's what I am doing to keep active mentally. Your English is really good, and I was an English teacher once…so I would know. Double thumbs up!!! Cheers and have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Awww, really appreciate that suituapui. I hope you could have a shorter name? hahahaha. :). Ill be in your blog as often as i can. 🙂

  3. I agree with Suituapui! I think your English is very good, Steven. As for myself, I find blogging to be therapeutic. It really makes my day to know that my posts bring a smile, a laugh, some encouragement, etc. Keep on blogging….please. 🙂

  4. good luck on your real-world pursuits … i guess the way to keep blogging and writing fun is to not treat it as a chore … no pressure, write when you feel like you need to write 🙂
    take care! 😀

  5. Thanks for the shoutout! I was bloghopping at nakarating dito hehe. I too get tired sometimes but I always go back to writing for the fun of it.

  6. The trend or the genre may be changed, be it blogging to microblogging, from facebook to twitter to vines to facetimes. But the origin of it will never fade or die: telling stories. We all have great stories in all of us, and there will always be someone willing to stumble on that fantastic story whether online or offline. 😉 Keep the passion on!

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