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Hey everyone, how’s it going? how was your experience last election?. I really want to update my blog as often as i can but i have to wait for some things to start my post. I am also busy in preparing for Halalan that’s why.

I was excited for the coming election last may 09, 2010, actually the days before the election i already made my kodigo for the election. I really examined the candidates and even if they say that the candidates that i have chosen is not on “top” of surveys it was fine for me cause i believe in them. If most people will just believe in surveys then, nothing will happen to our country but they will just follow what was everyone is saying, remember that: ” Minsan, hindi lahat ng sinasabi ng karamihan ay tama”. You have to follow your own conscience.

May 10, 2010 – the most awaited day for every Filipino has come. I am one of those who are excited, not for the politicians or for my bets to win but to be involved in one of the most historical event in the Philippines because for the very first time, we are using the automated election. I am excited because im a first time voter and i will get able to experience the PCOS Machine, haha. My aunt is a teacher, she attended trainings for comelec regarding, of course the automation. I already saw a sample ballot and it was cute. She also told me stories about it and i, also, what i got from news. We wake up early that morning to vote, good for me, because i did not expected that the line for the vote will become that long. Well we did not expect that, ’cause automation is equals to fast and hustle free. I arrived in my precinct at 6:45 am i was quite-a nervous cause maybe the comelec had forgotten to put my name in the registered voters. I donno why i have those feelings, wierdo!, haha. But finding my name did not took me 1 min. cause PPCRV volunteers were there to assist voters and find their names and precincts.

When the PPCRV volunteer gave me my precinct number i was like YES! in my head, but when she was searching my name i was really nervous cause she might say “sorry sir, you are not a registered voter“, haha. So i went to the clustered precint, looked for my name, and there it was!. I am a Filipino citizen, i wanna cry and raise a Philippine flag, (haha, O.A.).

The problems started to come, in my precinct the PCOS is malfunctioning. In our polling center, 6 out of 8 PCOS are in not good condition, which made the voting such a chaos. I get able to vote at 11am onwards, i am also worried cause at that afternoon i will be participating the ABS-CBN STI parallel random count. There were even glitches in our line, people heads started to blow up!, haha, i am like DEDMA cause i was given a number, well, thanks to myself for being an early bird so, i catched the worm. The line started to move when the PCOS machine was fixed by the IT technician, everyone is clapping and excited.

But when i am inside the room, i told to myself “yes, this is it, i am voting”. I went to verification, my ballot was given. I am also careful when i was answering the ballot, my hands are sweaty so extra careful is a must. I am relaxed. Shaded the ovals. Counting how many i have voted cause i might over voting. I stood up. I was not afraid to mr. PCOS. I inserted my ballot to him. I am nervous cause my ballot might be paper jammed or rejected. But mr. PCOS is nice to me. He said “verifying ballot” then “congratulations, your vote has been casted”. Thank you mr. PCOS. There i am excited to have an indelible ink, i was like “hey, i have this ink on my finger!“.

I have another story.

* Start of the story

1.The chairman in my precinct thought that i am not a Filipino ( cause i really don’t look like). When she was giving my ballot she said “This is your ballot”. After i voted when she was putting the ink on my finger she asked me ” Are you a Filipino?”. I just nodded yes. I didn’t explain myself. haha. I told my mom about this and she was laughing.

2. When i was on my way home just got out in the gate of the polling center, i noticed that i was holding the pen that is used for shading the ballot. Haha, i really wanted to take this home for souvenir. But i watched on tv that this is forbidden. So, i returned the pen. My friend told me that he have took home the pen accidentally. Also, when i was in one precinct as a field tabulator for ABS STI parallel random count one of the chairman said, when they were packing the PCOS and other things for election, the pen will be leaved there cause some of the voters have took it home. Haha, i should have took that home!, my-oh-my!.

*end of the story

I voted Richard “Dick” Gordon based on what he have did in Subic. He cant improve that place if he is corrupt and not intelligent.And my Vice is Manuel Roxas. Other positions, i cant remember. But i must commend Mr. Bong Revilla for having hes otso-otso ad, i looked for his name in the ballot for revilla i can’t find it. I remember that he is mr. otso-otso. So, campaign jingles are really helpful to recall voters especially the ballot number. I Also voted Kabataan Partylist.

It was really a fulfilling-day for me. I have waited for that day to come and exercise my right to vote. Yes, i am not full-blooded Filipino but since birth i lived here, so, i am a Filipino. There were maybe glitches in line but still over-all, the election was successful and low-crime rated. I have voted whom i wanted to vote based on my conscience. I am Happy and Proud of being a part of this history in the Philippines and being a Filipino.


1. Are you a registered voter too?if not why?
2. Have you voted?
3. What was your experience this election?

P.S. My next post is about my particiaption in the ABS-CBN STI Halalan Parallel random count

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  1. Ayan naunahan m0 ko. I'm also writing about the abs cbn sti parallel count so proud i'm part of it. Maikwento nga si 'spice girl' hehe..permanent kaya ung smartmatic pen? Baka pwede pang-pcb layout un..sayang..
    I've also voted for Gordon though I know yellow will win-kasama din to sa post ko watch out 4 it..btw, fave ko ung ad ni revilla nagtipid siya dun pero tumatak..

    Ayan nasagot ko na din pala questions mo.

  2. Haha..first to c0mment..

  3. Haha..first to c0mment..

  4. Haha…di ka mukhang Pinoy ah. Buti nakaboto ka na. Apir.

    Ako Gibo – Binay binoto ko. ^_^

  5. waaah sobrang haba ng pila… pero sulit naman kasi saglit lang yung process.. haha pero yung pinsan ko nireject yung sa kanya

  6. but the photo above. you are a registered voter. haha ü i a not a registered voter I'm still 15. hehe ü

  7. i was not able to register, but if i were to vote i'd be for gibo-mar. i guess this automated elections is a success.. 🙂 God bless Pinas!

  8. Awww, hindi pa ko pwede magvote kasi bata pa ko. :))

  9. Haha..steve..good for you.. I was thingking that the BEI would not let you vote because you look like a "BANYAGA"..foreign observer?..^^

  10. 1. Are you a registered voter too?if not why?
    2. Have you voted?
    3. What was your experience this election?
    I just blogged about it. haha xD

  11. I'm glad that your were able to exercise tyour right to vote.

    To answer your questions…
    1. No. I'm not a registered voter.
    2. I haven't voted all my life.
    3. No experience.

    Haha. But now I feel guilty for not being able to vote. Maybe on the next election.

  12. Hello, i am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited and happy to say that the webmaster has done a very good job here to put all the information content and information at one place.

  13. Swerte naman nung mga first voters, ^^ automated na agad. Well, I think it's really a great experience for all of us (even though I am not et a voter) HAHA.

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