Devotions or journaling is a personal part of my life as a Christian. This is my quiet time where God talks to me and teaches me things that i needed to learn. Christianity today rely so much in reading the scripture. Aside from first hand life experience, wisdom is also gained through journaling. Basically, this is a Christian’s fuel to continue the race of faith.  As we live in this world, we are expected to excel, live and share. 
Through sharing, we learn from one another. Through sharing, we are able to touch one’s life. Through sharing, we can make this world a little better. 
As a part of this sharing gesture, i invited these people to write on this blog. They have their own achievements on their personal journeys. Through these experiences and milestones, for sure, there’s something that they could share to us for learning, touch lives and to make this world to be more artistic.
Here are your guest writers:
Name: Jamie Morgan
Field of Study: Major in religion, minor in music
Church/Organization: World Council of Churches
Position: Inter-religious Dialogue Assistant
Focus: I do a lot of paperwork, allocation of resources and help in facilitating inter-religious dialogue meetings. I am working on a few specific projects that involve Christian-Buddhist and Christian-Muslim relations at the moment.

Thoughts: I enjoy this work a lot and my workplace because the people here are passionate about so many things and are from so many places, I feel like I am always learning and growing! Currently I am gathering resources/videos for an inter-religious dialogue course to be taught at Bossey, a local graduate school on ecumenism. I found this video from when I was first introduced into interfaith dialogue and while watching the video, there was a flood of emotions and memories from this formative moment in my life when my views of the world and of God were shifted forever.

In honor of those emotions and that experience, I wrote my article about my reflection on those thoughts and feelings. I think the main message and focus of this article for the readers is that God can exist in the ‘in-between’; that is, in-between my religion and others and in-between stages of growth. God exists in the primordial truth of the world that is seen and known and understood in many different ways. At the end of the day how much harm will it do to listen to someone different that you? What do you have to lose in loving one another for their differences? I offer a challenge to the reader to become active participants in their faith by having difficult conversations that make them uncomfortable and to challenge long held beliefs because that is how we come to truth.

Whether or not the truth is what we believed before is not of relevance, honestly I personally belief faith is more about the journey and walking with God.If you would like to support the work that I am doing here in Geneva, Switzerland at the World Council of Churches or would like to chat about this topic or any other please send me an email at or donate to my advance (#3022434).

You are loved and appreciated, thanks for your time!

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Article: Reclaiming the Narrative
Samuel Moore-Sobel serves an internship in a congressional office on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Photo by Alexis Glenn/Creative Services/George Mason University
Name: Samuel Moore-Sobel
Field of Study: Government and International Politics
Church/Organization: McLean Bible Church
Position: Freelance Writer and Business Process Consultant
Focus: Leading a movement to bring scars to light, both visible and invisible.
Thoughts: Jesus’ scars are often overlooked. We focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection, while often failing to dedicate adequate time to actively explore this crucial scene from the Bible.

Challenges in writing: The biggest challenge in writing is to include everything you want to say in the space allotted. Oftentimes, I have words that are forced to hit the cutting room floor due to space constraints. 
Realization: “Scars are an inevitable part of the human experience. As a Christian, I believe God calls us to share our scars with others, and to talk openly about the marks we carry in this world.”

Message: Pain is an inevitable part of our experience. We are all guaranteed to experience much pain in this world. Healing does not occur when we hide past reminders of suffering. Healing can be attained by pursuing Jesus’ example of sharing our scars – both visible and invisible – with others.
For the readers: “I am passionate about bringing scars to light. My mother and I are nearing completion of a memoir focusing on our experiences revolving around both trauma and recovery. To have words of hope delivered directly to your inbox, visit and subscribe to our blog today. Join the movement to change the cultural perspective on scars by liking our Facebook Page (Holding On To Hope Today) and following us on Twitter (@holdhopetoday).”
Article: Exploring the Meaning of Scars: “I’ll never be rid of these scars!”

Name: Nayki Saquibal
Field of Study: Hospitality Management
Church/Organization: Jesus Conquers Christian Ministry (JCCM)
Position: Worship Leader
Focus: Sharing the Love of Jesus through music and social media, especially with the young people.
Thoughts: If you want to know more about Love. Seek the One who created it.
Challenges when writing: I always think about what people might say every time I share what God has done in my life but thanks to the Holy Spirit!
Realization: All our striving is like chasing wind.

For the readers: “Hi I am a social media advocate of Saved Ministries, if you want to know more about it, you can visit their website:
You can also listen to Saved Radio every Sunday on air via 106.7 Energy FM or online via”
Article: Wondefully Made

Name: Tia Adair
Field of Study: Missionary
Church/Organization: Youth With A Mission
Focus: Knowing God and making Him known in the Nations
Challenges when writing: Narrowing down what exactly to write about. There were so many thoughts in my head about writing it was hard to decide what to write and say.
For the readers: “Know that I am praying for each and everyone of you to encounter Jesus daily”
Article: The Lonely Hearts Club

Name: Dorothy Angeles
Field of Study: Business Administration Major in Management.
Church/Organization: Sta. Ana United Methodist Church/ALIVE, Prayerful, Outstanding Youth ni Lord (Apoy ni Lord).
Position: Worship Leader, Small group leader & Admin.
Focus: Leadership
Thoughts: Life is full of tests and twists.
Challenges when writing: “ The enemy’s saying “you’re writing isn’t worth it””.

Realization: “ My dreams are greater than any disappointments and negativeness. “
Message: “One of my inspirations as I write this post is my dream of writing a book. I know this devotional blog is one step closer onto it. ”
For the readers: “When you know that God leads your heart, just go for what it desires—whatever it takes”.
Article: Dream Giver. Dream Chaser.