Indochina: Bangkok | Part 1

We found ourselves in the train seats by a beautiful sunset of Bangkok! It’s another country and adventure. I was personally thinking about the last two days of this country crawl and new adjustments in new state.
If you haven’t followed this series, this is a 5-day country crawl from Vietnam to Laos and the last stop is Bangkok. 

Crossing the border from Tha Na Leng, Laos to the first province we arrived in Thailand, NongKhai.
Day 04
0600 – 0900: Bangkok Railway Station – Hua Lamphong // Breakfast
Upon arriving in Bangkok, we encountered confusion on where to head next and how to go to our pre-booked hostel. There’s this one lady who approached us and told us where to go. She said, she’s not a scammer and just wants to help, this reminds me of that one friend who told us the nice-attitude of Thais to everyone.
Outside the National Railway Station of Bangkok
A sign that suggestively saying the name of the City — that you have finally arrived safely and succesfully! 

This sign that though i cannot understand but i know that this is about the King’s Funeral on that day.
In front of the station, just on the other side of the road, there are restaurants lined up for upcoming visitors and tourists. So we decide to stay there, connect to WiFi and had a talk before we head for the day, got an UBER and check-in to our hostel.


1. An UBER is always a helpful way of transportation to your hostel.
2. Always, have a planned booking before arrival in your destination. Not only this is helpful in your immigration questions but an ease to your travelling because you know already where to go.
3. Most hostels help you with navigation around the city, offer free wifis, luggage storage and shower services before you even check – in. Make use of this advantage.
4.  Use Google Map, as this has never failed me in my previous travels. Try saving your destination in case you have no data on the go and you only use wifi in the moment.

1000 – 0100: Road closed, hospitable Thais and hostel
When we arrived at our hostel we decided to stay more and have a rest. I know that my peers were also tired for travelling so I personally decided to cut the stroll until 1PM on that day.
The Royal Palace is unsurprisingly closed because of the national holiday — King’s funeral.

1400 – 1600: Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun Ratchawararam
It’s a Thursday and i bet a holiday, but people are still on the Temple. The upper side of the stairs of the temple are closed for tourists, we had no choice anyway so we just seized the whole compound and amazed seeing the Chao Phraya River and it’s water taxis (boat) fetching people from the other side of the river to the temple. 
First ever TukTuk Ride! Going to Wat Arun

Feels at Chao Phraya River

1700: Dinner – Night Market
It was kinda tiring to roam around the temple so we decided to call the day with dinner in auth Thai cuisine. Along the way, we found Filipinos who eventually became our tour guides and friends! Helped us out even going to the Night Marker and experienced eating exotic delicacies and Thai Night life!

Upon arriving Bangkok, I instantly felt the welcoming attitude of Thais towards their visitors and of how they are loose, outgoing, fun and open! So if you happen to be in Bangkok, Thais might not be all english-speaking but you can see from their faces that they are warm! 
kop khun kap!

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  1. Wow! so exciting to do a 5-day country crawl from Vietnam to Laos and ending in Bangkok. I must go and read the previous posts about Vietnam to Laos.

  2. Hey bro! Great post. The photos are awesome. Anyway, just reconnecting with fellow bloggers because I'm reviving my blogs. Hope you can visit back. Thanks!

    The Pinoy Wanderer

  3. Yes Mun, you definitely should have! I have just completed the series a few weeks ago!

  4. Nice to see you bro! Just went to your blog. 🙂

  5. great picture from bangkok.. Love them.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Nice to see your photos of Bangkok!

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