Indochina: Vientiane Nights

If you are used with noisy cities and vast skyscrapers, Indochina should be removed in your list.

However, if you are seeking simplicity, diversity, history and quietness, this is the region where you should go! Last October, we seize Indochina starting off in Hanoi, Vietnam – Vientiane, Laos – Bangkok, Thailand in a five day country crawl.

Day 03
1800: Mekong River & Chao Anouvong Park
Our idea was to see the Mekong river in sunset through a bicycle but due to our tired bodies, we decided to just stay a little bit in our hotel and settle everything before we head out.
Our hotel room in Vientiane. @ Mali Namphu Hotel

We went out and checked the Mekong river and parks in our area. You could say that Laos is really an emerging country because though there are tourists, There are still places in the capital where there are few to none people because establishments close early.

Chao Anouvong park is not that crowded though there are tourists. The music is so loud and vibely because of the Zumba by night. Who didn’t even think that Zumba is also a thing here aside from it was in the Philippines.

While walking in the park and Mekong is by our right side (which we really cannot see because of the darkness at night) there are stalls, just like a Filipino small stalls in the Philippines.

The monument of King Anouvong
Trying out Laotian street foods.
Be careful in buying local street foods in Laos. Just like in the Philippines, we don’t know how it’s made. Better not risk your health and you don’t wanna end up in the hospital while you travel. This tip is based on the people we have talked to in there.
I would compare the park as that of Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Vibely by night, loud, full of lights and stalls, yet old and not crowded enough.
1900: Night Market
The idea is still to get the taste of the local cuisine in Laos. Compare to Hanoi, the Laos cuisine is infamous so it was hard for us to really get a taste of Laos food. In the night market, though there are a lot of food stalls, most of it are Asian foods ranging from Korean – Thai which, normally we can get in the Philippines too.
We still ended up translating our food orders with the help of hand gestures and pointing fingers to the menu with no picture by our patient and smiling server.

Surprisingly, there are decent shops and cheap items you can choose in the night the market. Though we know, this is a little bit pricey compared to the real local market in Vientiane.

0020: Patuxai Monument and the safe night roads in Vientiane.
We dared ourselves to walk on their streets. I read when I came back to our hotel later that night that Vientiane streets are safe of crimes.

The Presidential Palace

The beautiful traditional and religious details of Patuxai
We also felt the need to see the monument by night and by day. This would be a one night only in Vientiane so we better seek everything for the night, and that also includes DQ – Dairy Queen though there’s still one in the Philippines.
It’s always nice to see new places and taste new flavors in different context such as the lay-low and simple life of the capital of Laos, Vientiane. What makes this adventure memorable is the people that i traveled and laugh with.

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  1. Everyone looks like they are having fun!

  2. I love ASEAN cuisine. Vietnamese pho, rice paper rolls, the French influenced Banh Mi would be the best known in Vietnamese cuisine.

  3. Don't know when I will get to visit this place. You are all having so much fun there!

  4. Love that you got to indulge yourself with street food. These look delicious – I am a sucker for skewers, hehe. The night scene looks pretty cool. Glad you enjoyed your time.

    Nancy ♥

  5. Thank you Sandi! We really enjoyed it!

  6. Yes, I love that Vietnam is a foodie country! Everything you said is true.

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  8. You should visit it you have the chance asap! We did have fun so much!

  9. Thank you Nancy, it was a good time and experience for us in Laos!

  10. Love your photos, food and sights.

  11. This trip sounded awesome! Thanks for sharing these pics, and also the tips. I love street food but yeah…you do have to be careful coz you don't know how they're made!

  12. Looks amazing! I love the food, the sights and just everything in between.

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