When we think about how the things have passed and how the future seems to be —- scary and exciting, this gives us chills.

At this point in my life, i have truly became an adult, young but an adult. I’ve heard years ago that there’s something in the mind of the person that will be developed once he reach the age of 23 going 24, and i feel that it seems to be true. 
Let’s talk about the small screen future (i mean, the coming weeks) 
1. I’ll be off to Baguio City tomorrow for our church’s leadership seminar. Chills ’cause this will be my first time in Baguio City and it’s all expense paid. I’m also into leadership/mentoring these days, so this is hitting two birds in one stone. 
2. On the weekend, i’ll be off to Masbate (our family hometown) so. another adventure. Everything seems to be perfect, after looong days working and doing a lot of stuffs, this vacation is truly deserved. 
Now the silver screen (the future, months perhaps)
1. When i come back from Masbate, i only have a week to work, ’cause i decided not to continue my contract from my current company, you know? financial issues and future career is at stake, better be wise man! i’m getting old and i have to invest really. 
2. I’m eyeing this big company, this is actually my previous one, well, i’ll be coming back. The employment process is the same, so, if this job is for me, then so be it, Let God be the center of everything, His plans, not mine. 
3. I’m also planning for CCNA certification this year, again, another leap this year for my career. 
Well, there you go. The chills of my future is exciting, though i know that this will be rough, and i would love that anyway, rough roads make us stronger. Reminder to everyone that we should always plan, dream and work for our future, never daydream, work for your dream. The road on the way there is rough but when you get there, you will truly appreciate what you have been through ’cause it made you a better person. It’s like Frodo Baggins’ adventure to mount doom, when he reached it, everything is worth it! 

Always consider God in your adventures, remember that we have plans, but He has bigger and better plans for us, more than you have imagined! (Jeremiah 29:11) 

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  1. The future is scary but we have no choice but to move forward. God bless you Steve. May you succeed in your plans.

  2. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment on my blog post today, I really appreciate it. I hope that the seminar goes well and that your travel will be safe and enjoyable.

  3. all the best for all your travels and work plans … the future is indeed scary sometimes, even for someone like me who's in his late 30s … i guess life will always be uncertain and unpredictable 🙂

  4. I've been to Baguio, loved the place, very nice and very cool. Good luck in whatever your undertakings may be. All the best!

  5. Thanks suituapui! Indeed very cold in Baguio, i love the weather there.

  6. Yes! that's what makes it exciting. 🙂 the unknown and unpredictable future sean.

  7. Everything turned well as planned Linda! Thanks.

  8. Indeed ish! cross fingers to that success and future plans!

  9. Ooohhhh… You're young! Fresh… Hehehe… Basta don't forget to chill out para di maburn out! Listen to your kuya here!

  10. Hi Steve!
    Long time no see ah, hope you're doing good 🙂
    I agree, sa lahat ng ating mga adhikain sa buhay lagi natin isama ang Panginoon sa lahat ng ito. Siya ang laging gagabay at magdadala sa atin sa tamang landas.

  11. So nice to read this post from a young man of faith. I am a bicolana too, but from Camarines Norte. Never been to Baguio, but here in Norway, I have all the chill that I need. Hope to get to know you more. Good luck to your future plans. Had been there and with your determination, I know you will succeed!

  12. I love this picture!
    Melanie @

  13. Good luck on your future endeavors. I agree with what you said to put God in the center of everything we do. We dream and we conquer and i am in my late 20s already. Ive realized through the jumps and leaps of my life, that we just need to lift everything up to Him and work hard to achieve what is in our heart. if we are driven by passion, it wont feel like work anymore. plan but never take it too seriously, coz too much planning leads to fear of actually doing the dream. go with the flow lang. heheheh

  14. Thanks Senyor! Yes po, naku, sabi nga nila work life balance

  15. Thanks ate mel! hope to see you soon more here! 🙂

  16. Thanks po mommy joy, nawa more and more and more pa po ang pagsasamahan natin. 🙂

  17. Yes me too fiel, i miss you! 🙂 ingats. 🙂

  18. Totally agree! 🙂 What a wonderful view from this post

  19. High Five! Mau dyud pero hindi much sa speaking. 😛 understanding lang po muna, hahaha

  20. You are a very insightful young man. I love your writings and biblical quotes – love your blog.

  21. Hmmm It really makes me think about it… You know, what God's plan is and what we should do in our everyday life..

    muni muni muni.. hehehe Cheers Sir 😀

  22. One thing's for sure mr jeng, it's gonna be great!

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