Man and Machine

Today world is fascinated by technologies , gadgets, and machines that has a lot and big role in life. In the clash between man and machine , there’s a possibility that man will be defeated by machines. Manchines can do work every man can and much better. There’s also a possibilty that MACHINE WILL EVOLVE MORE THAN MAN.Maybe someday machine will take most of man’s labor because of the continues development in technologies today. Maybe someday a simple household will be taken by machine ( ROBOTS), like wAshing dishes, landry, and etc.The discoveries in different inventions today has a good and bad effect in man.Machine can send messages, faxes, moneys, packages and more in just second. Even machine has a lot of help in agriculture, health and other fields that is really usefull for man, but as the inventions continue machine teach man to become lazy and dependent, man uses machine in abusing other people even themselves in many ways like pornography, and most victims are minors, gambling scam, plagiarism, different kinds of trafficking and sometimes it leads to crime. It is also possible that most professions today will disappear someday like teachers, engineers doctors and even laborers.There’s nothing wrong in technologies and discoveries but man has to use it wisely, responsibly and properly.

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