Martial Law’s marks

It took me long while to post a new entry because of  many school projects and deadlines, in my previous post, yes, i almost done with my plans and scheds, everything is on my way and i should thank God for Him helping me finished my ordering system in Java. I wish i can share it to you but it wont be working online, well maybe, it’ll work but i have to do certain things to run it online.
Ok, let’s get back to topic. Last friday, October 1 2010, i told you before that we have s subject about communications, and here we are, in the Radio Veritas’ Transmitter Station at Malolos, Bulacan for our educational tour. They discussed us the way how they send signals and receive from satellites and studio, how they equalize and balance them, their technology, everything. The station is vintage, they don’t renovate it cause you know what?-they are the radio station in the time of EDSA 1 who called for the people to fight for the freedom of the Philippines, see here the photo of the bullets caused by the incident. They also said that in the car they were broadcasting, ’cause they are hiding from Marcos’ puppets!we were like “Oohhhhhh Cool!where are the bullet marks?”   

And here are their vintage things & their antenna. 
  Trivia: they still have the cabinet TV!see?in the down left photo!
If you gonna take look at the upper left photo, you can see different country names, it’s because they are using this facility before, broadcasting worldwide(though i don’t know if they still do it today).
OUr class with our Principles of Communications Proffesor, Mr. Eduardo S. Francisco.

Trivia again: The 2nd Photo form the last, the one you see as the background tower of our picture, it’s the Radio Veritas’ Transmitter. It transmits signals to home radios, and no one is allowed to go in it, or nearby cause even frog get die their, the transmitter won’t leave them unless the very last liquid in their body is gone and drained!. Cool right?
P.S. I am competing for the Provincial meet of BULPRISA, Pray for me!please. Pray for me to deliver the line well and winning will follow!:) Love yah guys!

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  1. Wow! Those bullet marks are part of history. It is good that they preserved it.

    Hey, is what you said true about the transmitter? That is quite nasty.

    Hope you are having a fine day.

  2. i keep hearing about this radio veritas on am radio….
    wow the vintage items looks creepy yet amazing as it preserves history

    hey what does Bulprisa mean? i wish all the best for you… and i know you can win it! Cheers!
    have agreat day and happy blogging

  3. Great educational tour!I'll keep my fingers crossed para sa competition na sasalihan mo! Goodluck!

  4. interesting pics you got there.
    goes to show that the events before edsa will never be forgotten.

  5. oh . very informational

  6. astig naman… lalo na ung sa transmission tower. hahaha good luck sa competition mo ah… my prayers are with you. 😀

  7. hey Steve just dropping by here
    have a great day and happy blogging

  8. That's something! Tracing back history is kinda fun, I hope you won! As my comment is very late~

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