Masbate hangover stories

Wow, nice to be back again!. After all of the stressful days that school had cost, after last saturday when we passed our last project and also served as the last day of school—-i am atlast free!haha, i feel relived and happy cause after that day, something came into my head saying “4th year na ko!” i am near to the critical part of my college life—only one sem and next next sem we will be doing our thesis proposal.

I just got so excited with school that’s why i cant help but talk about that—-but the topic that i am trying to discuss is about our trip in Masbate for my grandpas funeral. Well at least now i am recovered but still remember him, compare before i am now okay. we stayed there for two weeks and i always wanna live there—if only i could, but you know, the tasks there are more physical and i can’t do those, i love the breeze of the air, the summer feeling—everything about a country can offer. The life is so simple that a manila boy can’t survive unless you’re a person that would like to live a simple life—-like me.

The people there like to come here in Manila (just like other promdis) cause they believe that it is much easier to find money here. It is actually on people’s perspectives and views about life. Me, before, when i was young, when i was living there i always wanted to live here. But now, that I’ve got everything that a city life can offer—I’d rather live there cause of the simple life it has.

It’s not easy to live there i tell you people. In order for you to drink everyday you have to fetch a water from a hill and bring it to your home. In order for you to eat an omelet for breakfast you have to walk to center of the barangay—few kilometers in order to buy an egg, a bread, a cigarette, and even a shampoo. For you to wash your dirty clothes or take a bath, you have to go the the river and bring your things with you.

SEE? NOT EASY—right? i don’t know, but i just love to live there. And one thing i forgot to tell—if you want to pee, you don’t need to pay or look for a bathroom….you know what i mean? there are no toilet papers there honey—but leaves!haha.

Province image that i am trying to describe is not that hard, there is still city there where easy access is also available–banking, shopping, etc. Also, another thing reasons why i cant leave there is because, superstitions and NPA is true!!!!swear…so, we have no choice but not stay long there. Although, they say that those NPA are good, but you know, they are still anti!So, we better be careful.

* This is the part of the post where i feature some of the wonders that Bicol-Masbate offer!!!

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  1. last day of school already? lucky you !!
    i'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but glad to hear that youre doing better at recovering 🙂
    its all about the lifestyle, its hard to adjust to another one.
    SUCH NICE PHOTOS! real pretty, especially the sunsets and all.

  2. hi there Stevevhan… thanks for dropping by and living a comment in my blog… i really appreciate that..
    in regards with your post… Actually i am spending my summer vacation too… buti na lang pahinga muna sa madugong thesis at home works hehe
    anyway i have a fried who's residing in Masbate too.. i'm not just so familiar with the exact location…
    Geeeeh it's nice to hear that you're having fun with your summer trip.. Cheers..
    by the way, you can just visit me in my main blog….

    Bluedreamer's Top Five

    have a great day and happy blogging!

  3. wow! congrats at 4th yr ka na 😀 goodluck goodluck!

    buti ka pa nakapag bakasyon na sa probinsya mo 😀 ganda ng pics na kinunan mo. Ganda naman sa masbate 😀

    condolence pala sa inyo. Mabuti naman mejo nakakarecover kana kuya.

  4. You're lucky you finished school. I don't get a break until another three weeks and at the moment I have a lot of work!

    I'm glad you've come to terms with your grandpa's death. I hope the funeral will be a time for you to reflect on the good things about your wonderful grandpa.

    I can understand what you mean about the life there – my parents come from Indonesia and over there it is really hard to live in the village and so many of our relatives are poor. Not so much that they have to get water each day but their resources are so limited and their houses aren't in the best condition. I feel for them.

  5. I wish the places in the province were as preserved as those here in Manila :/ Haha. Anyway wow, I didn't know life was as hard like that there:O

  6. I haven't been to Masbate, but I'd like to go there one day. Ganun naman talaga yata ang point of view ng mga taga-province regarding Manila. Ang di nila alam e mas mahirap mabuhay dito. Hehe.

  7. heyaaa stevevhan 😀

    regarding dun sa post 'ko nakoo i don't think i love madam.
    really. haist. i know it's sound absurd. lola ko siya pero iba talaga tingin ko sa kanya.
    well, tingin ko naman kasalan nya rin kasi she never treats us right. T_T sa umpisa pa lang sinasabi na nya na hindi nya kami gusto. see? how come mag ka-amor ako sa kanya. tsk. T_T
    buti nalang mabait yung isa kong lola 😀

    anyway, about your entry. weeeee'!
    incoming 4th year ka na pala. good luck!
    more stress to come lol. Ü

    condolence ahh T_T
    i also lost my lolo few years back and until now we really miss his presence kahit tanggap na namin na wala siya nakakamiss pa rin kasi. 🙁

    i wanna go to masbate!
    ang ganda ng mga lugar sa photos mo. Ü

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