Mayon incounter!

* What am i thinking today:
Today is my birthday and i am happy with it. Last night, i read my high school diary, and i discovered my secrets before that i forgot already. Well, everything is going well today, the food is being prepared and later at 1 pm we will go into a resort to celebrate my birthday there, don’t worry guys, I’ll share my pics after the masbate posts series!.

Now back, this post is about our trip to masbate. Going to masbate has 3 options;
1. Airplane for about a minute and then jeepney ride to our town.
2. Ship and a jeepney ride again to our town. This option will take 24 hours.
3. Bus ride, ferry boat and tricycle, which also take 24 hours but the ferry will go straight to our town so it’ll be better.
4. Bus ride, Ferry boat and a jeepney that will also take 24 hours.

So we chose to take the 4th option why, because this is much cheaper, much adventure and lots of sight seeing, actually option no. 3 is out of the list since the ferry boat that travels in the route going to our town sank before and the shipping line was banned by coastguard.

7:00 pm we left our home, we are suppose to left at around 4 pm but my uncle has to go into a meeting and he came late so the time has moved.

10:00 pm. We left from cubao through a bus ride. We have no choice bu to choose a nicer bus because most of the bus stations has closed.

6:00 8:00 am at the second day of our trip we were travelling around Camarines sur to Bicol up to Albay where we saw the Mayon Volcano.

9:00 am. We got off from the bus to ride a jeep to Pilar where we will ride a Ferry boat to the capital of masbate which is masbate city.

The next post is about our ferry ride to Masbate city all the way home.

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  1. belated happy birthday Steven!shocks, hindi ko alam na ganyan pala kalayo ang masbate, heehee! anyway, kung ganyan naman kagaganda ang mga makikita mo ok lang kahit isang oras pa ang byahe.

  2. Happy birthday. Aw dumaan kayo ng bicol dapat sumama na ako hahha i want to go to our province lols.

  3. naks 🙂 Happy bday.
    ganda ng mayon aah. Di ko pa nakita yan in person eeh. Kaingit.

  4. naks 🙂 Happy bday.
    ganda ng mayon aah. Di ko pa nakita yan in person eeh. Kaingit.

  5. seems like a busy-happy day…

    belated happy birthday old man.. ^_^

    great shots u have here.. =)

  6. happy birthday to you> 🙂

    you have good shots here…
    I though mayon volacano is not a perfect cone anymore but, i think it still is. 🙂 from your photos.

    24 hours of traveling??? that was pretty long.

    happy blogging

  7. woah! ang bongga naman Mayon Volcano.The last time I went there I was about 4 years old and now I'm 18.. poor me. hehe!.

  8. oh my!!! belated happy birthday 🙂
    great shots… hope i can go there one day…

    anyways, i love books, too! woohoo… guys like you are very rare! XD

  9. Harrru! happy birthday! nyahaha. 😀
    anyhoo. ah-ah. ingget na naman. ako'y nasa bahay lamang buong summer samantalang ikaw kuya kung saan saan na nakarating., ikaw na nga. haha.

    Gaad, i miss mayon. haven't to bicol for a loong loong time.

  10. yes tama ka kabitin, last week we went to caramoan! 2 hours boat ride. masmahaba pa byahe kesa sa paliligo!

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