Mt. Batulao: 11 Things I learned in Hiking

I’m not fond of climbing or hiking. If you would give me a choice, i would definitely choose swimming. I love nature so much that it made me decided to go hiking and get new perspective of travelling. Same as in life, through experience of new things, we see sides of what we normally see. It’s like a view to our hindsight, we see something right there that might value but we would only know that until we pay attention.

By trying out something new, we either expect it to be great or not. In hiking, i expect it to have long walks until reaching summit, heavy bags and breathtaking views. To my surprise, those were met. What even surprised me are: the sky is more vast up on the mountain. (pictures); There are sea of stars, tent and city lights. My decision is not a failure this time.

In swimming, i enjoy the warmth and coldness of the sea as it kisses my body and the heat of the sun through my skin. In hiking, it’s very different. You carry a heavy bag with your back, you climb an assault against the gravity and most of all, you try not to die by being mindful of the cliffs. Treat the trail like your hardship:It will make your legs stronger. You try not to fall to someone but still you enjoy the view and the thought that you might actually end up being together. 
What i observed and liked in hiking are the people. When you come across someone either they are locals or hikers who have gone to the summit, they would greet everyone a good day and remind you to be careful. Everyday, be open, there’s a love outside waiting to be discovered. Those are from the people around ready to greet you in THE CLIMB.

I’m amazed with those people who can travel by themselves. I’ve been into different countries but  i don’t think that i can travel by myself for the reason that i want to create memories with the people that i cherish but not because of the capability to travel alone, because i know  can travel skillfully alone. 

What i know is it would be more meaningful to have someone you love to create memories together. Be with those you love, because memories are what we take in our graves.
6. BEING ON TOP – We always strive to be on top of our game. I think these pictures would speak what it’s like to be on top.

It’s not easy to let go of the things that we have held for sometime and we care about. Being on the mountain would allow us to shout our feelings, appreciate simplicity and have a break from all the noise that’s bothering our sanity. Use this opportunity to enjoy your time with friends and nature and be amazed how a place can heal you.

We have everything in our fingertips these days that we forget to define the value of everything and the joy of waiting for the price. Having only your tent as home and some limited food to cook in the camp site would make you realize the beauty and value of simplicity. 

I always listen to music whenever i travel, that’s my way of connecting to places i see. Music is powerful. It changes our perspectives in life. Our song and lyrics can shape our thoughts to our beliefs.  Personally, by having music in me, i feel more empowered and connected to the place and the moment. Try plugging in and you might lose yourself from the weights you’re holding and in the beauty of the challenging trail. 
10. UNDERSTANDING THE HARDSHIP (going down the trail)
If climbing is hard, i think going down the trail is even harder because of the gravity that pulls you down. I also realized that i should’ve bought a climbing shoes to help me hold my feet on the ground instead of using my running shoes. Look for inspiration to hold your feet on the ground so you would keep yourseLf from the pull of the gravity down.
Whether the experience is easy or hard, hiking is now what i look forward even though i know it might be scary and rough sometimes. It’s like a pill i need for some time to get me into my wandering state. Remind yourself that the next chapter is exciting. Maybe reminding yourself that it’s gonna be fun and challenging is what you need to get your drug kick in again!.


A Blog inspired by the stories and photos of

Mt. Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu
LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3 with 60-70 degrees assault

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  1. These photos are stunning and you make me want to go on a hike – and that's coming from someone who has a love-hate relationship with it!

    My favorite is number 3, especially the part where you said "Treat the trail like your hardship:It will make your legs stronger." That line is so relatable because I've been through so much but I still keep on pushing on; just like when I go on a hike!

  2. I don't mind outing as I enjoy nature and adventure. But climbing and hiking, I still need to get used to.

    Love the photos. The break of light in top of the mountain is something worth treasure.

  3. It's great that you've learned all of these lessons from hiking. Even though I don't hike all that often, I gain a ton of experiences from it. It feels good to make it to the end of the trail!

    Nancy ♥

  4. We are the same, we also have the hate love relationship!

    Amen, that's the purpose of hardship! To keep us strong!

  5. That is definitely part of it! And i love people too like you do!

  6. That is definitely part of it! And i love people too like you do!

  7. I must agree nancy, i feel the same. I hope to climb in one of these weeks!

  8. Very nice photos Steve. Isang beses ko pa lang nasubukan yung totoong hiking ang I did that in Southern Leyte. The description that you wrote here is sakto sa experiences ko during that hike. I do hope masubukan ko uli mag-hike sa future.

  9. Thanks Ish, hindi din tlaga ako hiker mas more of swimming ako but i really enjoyed it. I look forward in getting a new hike as well. I guess every hikers would feel the same experience. 🙂

  10. Awesome pics and definitely an inspriring post:) I'm not really an outdoorsy gal but there are a lot of hiking trails around in my area and I should really give it a go someday.

  11. Yes, Emmy you should really try, this would really be amazing to try one. I am not either a hiking person but when you arrive at the top, you'll surely love it! <3

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