OFW Male Rape Victims

There are a lot of cases in the Middle East about Filipinos (mostly domestic helpers) being abused by their employers. Abuses come in many forms: (1) Verbal, in which, the ethnicity, belief, culture, life   status and skin color is degraded, we call this term now as racism. (2) Physical, in which, Filipinos are locked, beaten physically, deprived of food, raped and worst, murder.
The news about OFW male rape victims is on the television in the past few months already, especially on the documentaries. Unlike typical rape story, where women are the victims, this time, it’s men.  There are a lot of Filipino male rape victims in the Middle East. The rapist could be either their own male employers or just simply their citizen.
There’s this case of a Filipino worker who was sentenced to death because of killing a Muslim taxi driver. The taxi driver tried to rape the Filipino, threatened to kill him by his knife, the Filipino fought and able to get the knife turned to killing the taxi driver. Obviously this is a self-defense. The family of the taxi driver asked for a blood money through the execution of the Filipino.
This male rape cases for me is absurd. Absurd because who has the fault here?  The government, because of the generations of corruption, resulting to incapability to provide jobs for the Filipinos in their own country? or just the culture of the country they are working at?
It makes me ask why. Why when the time of the Quirino Grand Stand incident, the whole world think that Filipinos are bad, irresponsible and incapable, while on the other side of the world, there are Filipinos treated like animals, sometimes worse than that. So where’s the justice for Filipinos abroad who are treated even worse than what happened in the grand stand? Don’t Filipinos deserve to have justice too?
This December is the Celebration of the Month of Overseas Filipinos and International Migrants Day chaired by the Philippine Migrants Rights Watch (PMRW) and by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). This post is a tribute for all of the OFWs working abroad. I salute them for being this day’s heroes, and it’s a no joke working abroad because OFWs sacrifice their physical health, emotions, social life and mental health just to provide the needs for their families.
This caused for SM Malls to feature the Film Fidel for the Cineforum on Migration which was shown last December 13, 2010 at SM City Marilao and exclusively shown to STI Students and other participants for the awareness of this issue and to make them realize that working abroad is more than just giving the OFWs’ family a decent life but also having a lot of sacrifices. This is also to aware the family of OFWs that they shouldn’t be looking only on the “money aspects”, but the hardships and danger every OFWs face as they work, a reminder that all genders  are not safe abroad and it’s much better to stay here in the Philippines.
The Indie Movie Fidel is a story of a Male OFW fighting for his family, pride, dignity, and faith. Fidel is the main character of the movie and shows that a God-fearing man has imperfections, can fight for his dignity, for his love, for his family but still manage to triumph over hardships and that God is still everything and his ally. The movie also shows the political conflicts in nations, the influence of the media, and that the Philippines is unaware about the danger every Filipinos face every day.
Fidel is also featured in First Filipino International Film Festival in Los Angeles, California and in Berlin International Film Festival.
Sources : http://www.holdenisgod.blogspot.com/

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