Oh so summer!

Before we go to the masbate series of post, i just wanna post something about songs that i usually listen every summer, i just knew that summer is now fading, i mean, it’s really out as what I’ve heard on TV last Monday. Usually we do nothing every summer we just hang around, sleep, update our blog, and eat lots a lot(just like what i’m doing), i gain weight daw!GO!i like it!, i also noticed it as my family and my school friends say, maybe this is the result of a good vacation, i really love being there.,(masbate) i feel that gaining weight is such an achievement(haha, gumagwapo kasi ako, lols and my clothes starts to look good more for me).
Okay back to the topic, every summer i usually spend my time hanging at the backyard of our house , having some senti moments there. Every morning i always watch MYX for me to be updated and watch the latest songs.

So this is the countdown of the songs that reminds of summer and my memories of vacation which makes me more familiar on the things that i do and it’s year. The countdown is not my favorite songs but the song’s summer themes and motifs.

6.. Human nature by Kyla– This song reminds my summer romance when i was a 2nd year high school(turning 2nd year), i had my m.u. at that time. “If this town
Is just an apple, Then let me take a bite” that lyrics reminds me of her, because her name is included in there.

5. Sundo by Imago– this song reminds me of my last last vacation in masbate, my guitar lessons ‘coz at that time i was studying to play guitar and i usually play this song, my high school graduation and my life as i enter college. Here are some pics from the music video of the song that’s so summer and reminds of masbate.

4. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz– Everytime i hear this song it makes me wanna splash on to water and have some dive into the ocean.

3. Thinking of you by Katy Peri– Well, this is katy’s latest song, im sure those people who watch myx can relate to me, the video’s sunshine makes it a summer-themed song for me!:). Lead Star of KYLE XY is also katy’s love interest in the song video. Click this to see the video

2. Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Callait– Actually i haven’t seen the video of this song, but this is one of the latest song duet by Jason and Colbie, this song is nice, i also memorized this song lyrics and makes me imagine the scenes as i sing this song. Try to see the video, it’s nice guys.

1. Sandali na lang– This song is not my fave, but my mom’s, she always listen to this song and it makes me smile because even she’s grown in other generation she still loved the song. The Reason why’d i made this song to the top is because the video is so summer, don’no why, maybe because they shown an ocean in the music video and some summer stuffs, the bicycle, tree with swing an a model that is so cute.

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  1. Hahaha. I hate it when I gain weight. 🙁
    Ako rin, music lover. Hahaha. Especially R&B.

    Yo yo yo! Last week of summer. 🙁

  2. wow. haha. why do yo like it when you gain weight? are you that skinny?
    btw, i love hale and imago!! 🙂

  3. I'm not really into music.. lol.. but Kyla's human nature is pretty.. ^_^ oh well.. I hope you had a good vacation..

    Oh well.. make use of your no-class days now.. coz' school is really near.. ^_^

  4. tsaarr.. hehe ^^, I love that song, the title "lucky" ganda kc ^^ hehe

  5. I love the song I'm Yours too. 🙂

    I am just having my vacation and will be back in my country soon. 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying your summer break as well because mine is so fun.

    happy blogging. 🙂

  6. the song "sundo" is the best. Everytime i hear it, it makes me relax. Mganda din yung kay jason and colbie. I luv this post.

  7. waaaaahhhh!! i actually love Thinking of You by Katy Perry..

  8. uuuy! human nature! hahahah(issue agad.!) weee.. faave im yours soo much kuya! nice post! music mayhemm.

  9. Hindi ako music lover, but depende sa mood ko talaga.. listening to songs give me relief hehehe

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