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Lens Project: Castle on A Hill – Divide

Last summer, (May here in the Philippines) my grandmother went in our home in Manila. As my gift, i gave her a plane ticket going back home to our province. This is my grandmother’s first plane ride so i’m excited and so as everyone for her.  It was 9 years since i went home and […]

Singapore & Malaysia: Crossing Borders

I’ve never seen myself as a travelling person from years ago. But when i experienced and learned a lot of things through travelling, it made me decide to choose this life. So count me in as one of your DIY travel backpacking buddy! So we went to Malaysia and Singapore months ago, The original plan […]

The Lonely Hearts Club

“You need a boyfriend because you’re lonely” Last week a 12 yr old said these words to me while we were having lunch at my house. So instead of completely defending myself and my apparent “need” for a boyfriend, I asked him questions. Our conversation went something like this: me: “What makes you think I […]