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Most helpful Web-directories Websites

Lately i got familiar with web-directories websites. I find them very informative to people in many aspects of living. Web-directories websites are really helpful for giving quality and informative information in different fields like arts, lifestyle, living, technologies, web and even business.For me, especially i am interested in web directories because i found articles that […]

A tribute for her

As i wake up this morning, When i opened the Television, i heard the news that our former president Corazon C. Aquino have passed away. For us youth, maybe, we do not know her essence & importance in our history. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries & stories in the television & in our subject […]

Country arrival. Part II

My aunt, my mom and I still stayed in the farm for two days after my uncle has sent to cemetery and the rest of the family went to the town (Dimasalang) where one of my uncle lives. * The first photo are my aunts in my Grandma’s house and their background is another view […]