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Country arrival

OMG this is the last week of my vacation, so i really have to spend this week wisely, i am quite excited about it, i will again join BULPRISA but my coach still don’t know on which category i will join. i just wanna say thank you to all those bloggers who replied and visit […]

Mayon incounter!

* What am i thinking today:Today is my birthday and i am happy with it. Last night, i read my high school diary, and i discovered my secrets before that i forgot already. Well, everything is going well today, the food is being prepared and later at 1 pm we will go into a resort […]

Oh so summer!

Before we go to the masbate series of post, i just wanna post something about songs that i usually listen every summer, i just knew that summer is now fading, i mean, it’s really out as what I’ve heard on TV last Monday. Usually we do nothing every summer we just hang around, sleep, update […]