Reclaiming the Narrative

Four years ago the foundation of my faith shifted. Four years ago I discovered the Divine in the femininity of God. Mother Earth, the greatest Shakti that we can ask for. The exact words of Mother Maya Tiwari, in the exact moment that changed my life can be heard here This beautiful power that she […]

Natural History Museum, Manila

National Museum of Natural History is the most anticipated museum by far because of its exhibition and architecture. We can never be more thankful to NCCA for this effort that they’re doing in preserving our culture through opening museums especially for the younger generation.  Take a peak to this newly opened museum through these photographs […]

Indochina: Bangkok | Part 1

We found ourselves in the train seats by a beautiful sunset of Bangkok! It’s another country and adventure. I was personally thinking about the last two days of this country crawl and new adjustments in new state. If you haven’t followed this series, this is a 5-day country crawl from Vietnam to Laos and the […]