Summer sunshine.

Okay, i am saying i’m back again, yeah, just like any other blogger, i am busy in school studies and work! Last march 2-3, maie and i attended a seminar in antipolo, where we met our fellow STIers. The training was so fun and educational, we learned a lot, the venue was also good, the […]

Valentine Date:0%. Part 2

I have no date in Valentine’s. Alone but i was with my friends, and we celebrated the Valentine’s day together, it was enjoy. Let’s go to the topic of this post. The love issues of mine. I feel like i am alone because my friends have their own love lifes. Today it seems that love […]

Valentine date: 0%. Part 1

Before i start i want you to take not this equations. bestfriend=girlet.suitor = guy = boylet.bff=Bestfriends forever.eff= echozserang friends forever. therefore,bestfriend+bff+eff=girlet. These past few days, i was a little bit confuse, and i guess i am undergoing the stages of love process(click this to know the said process) particularly the sleepless nights stage. This is […]