Agnes of God

Last June 6, 2008 we watched a play entitled Agnes of God. The play was directed and adapted for stage by Mel Magno starring Dimples Romana, Paw Diaz , Lui Manansala, & Robert woods. We are forced to pay for the ticket, it will be included in our tuition fee so we have nothing to […]

Wonders Of Nature

Philippines has a lot of beauty to showcase for the world, which makes it unique compare to other countries around the world. In fact, four of the eye captivating places in the Philippines are nominated in one of the most prestigious list of beautiful places around the world, the new 7 wonders of nature. The […]

What does my body mean to me?

Some people are gifted because they were given a beautiful and perfect body, and some are not. Whatever body you have you should love, respect, and protect it. I believe that every one’s body is sacred as my own. I protect my body the way i protect all important things i have. I’m a human […]