When God is Silent

A year ago, God revealed to me that He wants me to be a missionary. It was a tough journey because of the application process, document requirements and even Visa to our orientation in South Africa. It was a magic and really a living-a-dream moment when we were in South Africa. Not until after going […]

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Watched

Yes, this is a reboot of 90’s sitcom. Sabrina the Teenage Witch though this reboot is from another comic with the same title with the reboot. Being still at home allows me to do things that i like and that includes watching and catching up to shows that i like. Currently i’m into Netflix’s #StrangerThings […]

Indochina: Vientiane Nights

If you are used with noisy cities and vast skyscrapers, Indochina should be removed in your list. However, if you are seeking simplicity, diversity, history and quietness, this is the region where you should go! Last October, we seize Indochina starting off in Hanoi, Vietnam – Vientiane, Laos – Bangkok, Thailand in a five day […]