Pause and Play. Repeat.

The life hacks to get your current boring life kicking again.
Do you have those days in your life that everything seems so great and exciting and well planned, but one day, everything turned into chaos even if you try to be calm, hopeful and strong in the situation?
When everything is ruined already, how will you continue? 
Will you just quit or move on? 
“should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements?”
Pause and Play: Have a break from all the chaos.
Based from a personal experience, I always have the flight tendency whenever I face tough life moments. If I’m overwhelmed about the situation, I usually play the “quit” button, fly off and shut down people.

As I struggle in the challenges of life, the people in my circle and situation are the primary reasons of my struggles, but they are also the cure for it because I love them and I forgive them no matter how big time they hurt me —— so leaving would even kill me in a long run. Instead of leaving, I learned to take a break once in a while and to re-align myself when life feels are knocking at me.
Here are the hacks:
1. Take a sip of coffee – oh yeah, you might not love coffee anyway. All I’m saying is that find something that might entice your senses and soul, like shopping (just please don’t spend too much) or buy those guilty food pleasures that you always crave. I consider you do it alone first to think things through.
2. Look for a new hobby – Yes indeed! Because what you’re doing is something that you’re doing for a while now and that could simply be your everyday routine, with that, it might have bored you already and didn’t give you chills to continue. Finding a new hobby will ignite again your spirit. Learning a new hobby won’t just give you new set of talents but also help you remove your “life feels”/”situation” since you are thrilled with this new life extravaganza! .
3. Hang out with friends outside your usual circle – Study shows that those people who are closer to you hurts you more, and you also adapt all their habits. Look for new friends or reunite with your old friend and get a life sometime with them. Meeting them once in a while will give you air from the people stressing you today (especially if they’re in your circle), it’s also a way to re-kindle those old memories and childhood habits.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein

4. Have a Vacation – When I say vacation, you just don’t rest or chill at your home, what I mean is travel! Either you do it alone for some soul searching or go with friends, being somewhere you’d never been before will help you see things differently as you observe the wonders of nature, learn other culture or meet other people. Feel the sense of youthful adventure in your veins as you travel!

I’m sure there are a lot of things to detox from your life, but these hacks that I have on my list are actually from my personal experiences, and this might work for you as well.

How about you? Would you apply these hacks when life feels are on your door or would you create your own hack?

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  1. This is a wonderful post!And your hacks are truly helping to get some distance from any situation that might be too much.
    I'm usually not the quitting type of person – I rather discuss it to no end, which might end in a fight…or I say nothing till I boil over. Both things aren't a good way to cope either.
    Detaching myself from the situation usually helps a great deal and then addressing the problem with a clear head.
    I'd totally recommend the same things you did plus maybe going for a walk, nature always relaxes me greatly.
    Have an amazing rest of the week!

  2. Lately I've been isolating myself way too much. Getting the garbage can or dancing in my backyard help my anxiety so much. I keep telling myself to just suck it up and do it, unless I have another reason with principle to not go.
    Indulging in bad habits beforehand isn't always the best of ideas, so I agree to find new hobbies to destroy the habits.
    I'm snagging your pic to write a similar post on my perspective!

    – Harlynn

  3. You know what…

    1. I always drink coffee. Black and sweet. Sometimes tea, and I always eat those guilty food pleasures forbidden by my doctors. I've always done it alone, so i guess number 1 is more than accomplished.

    2. I haven't decided yet what new hobby to start. But i would like to invest my money to learn a new skill.

    3. I'm not really that friendly. I usually keep a very small circle of friends. Maybe if i go outside this circle my life could be more interesting?

    4. A Vacation. Yes. i badly need a vacation.

    But i think this is the ultimate life hack- GO TO MARS. Application is already open. I wanna leave this earth. hahaha!

  4. thank you for this Steve… I am planning to give myself a travel treat this year just to step out from my boring lifestyle .. hopefully it works for me ^_^

  5. I like the one about looking for a new hobby or interest; it's a great way to declutter from life's hurts and gain new perspective concentrating on something new. Sorry you're experiencing chaos; hope it all clears and you realize how strong you really are because you are chosen.

  6. I'll have to change coffee to tea and the rest would do. I need a vacation!

  7. Agree ako sa lahat ng iyong suggestion 🙂
    Di ko nga lang magawa hahaha.

    Pero yung kape, swak na sa akin yan.
    Tapus may kakanin o kahit anung tinapay na matamis.
    Ganyan 🙂

  8. I really need #3. Due to the nature of my job, expanding a circle of friends is quite hard to do.

  9. The word boring is prohibited in our house. There are so much to do in life. 😀

  10. I like the idea of number 4 … I find that when I travel, it helps to give me fresh perspectives, fresh inspirations! 🙂 nice list 🙂

  11. travel .. definitely .. travel… 🙂 that is the best for me. Epic …. way to rest and relax is travel.. then when you get home… you have a vacation like a day or two after all that traveling hihihi! Cheers

  12. I love Chasing Pavements. Don't mind a vacation, I always appreciate a change in environment once in a while.

  13. Some very practical and useful sharing on the facts of life. For me I will choose to let go and forgive the person responsible or even myself and surrendering the people concerned and the events that happened to God and move on. This is the main key to release and freedom.

  14. Hey Steve, hanging out with friends outside your usual circle works well. I like your tips.
    How have you been?

  15. No. 3 is something i learned to be proven effective. sometimes you just have to change what's around you and start with the people you surround yourself with.

  16. I would also get that nature trippin', who doesn't love nature anyway?

  17. Thanks harlynn, saw your post about this and just wasn't able to post a comment due to life stuffs. 😀

  18. Thanks so much Mary, it did help a lot actually. Hobby is a way of le-learning. 🙂

  19. YEs! Saw your posts, just keep it up milton!

  20. We have the same coffee taste, im also with both and tea! 🙂

    Sometimes i get tired of earth issues too! K earth, thanks bye! we're flying! hahahahaha

  21. True, lahat bagay sa kape, yung ipong hindi mo muna sila kakainin kasi you have to wait for the coffee

  22. hahahaha, summer is almost here, here we are vacay! 🙂 So somehow, i offended tea drinkers… haha

  23. True, you might wanna check those who are on facebook or old mates froi

  24. Wow,. i wish every house and people adapt that lili!

  25. Surfing yes, i just dont know why surfing doesnt interest me. 🙁

  26. Oh my chasing pavements! Brave soul you have! change is really constant!

  27. Travel is always an answer for everything jeng! hahahaha.

  28. Thanks sean, this is trues! Idk but peeople loves to travel and discover

  29. Should agree Nancy, even if you try to do things on your own and forgiveness is not there, these will all go to waste. 🙂 love the person no matter what.

  30. True, because the people around us is really toxic, sometimes you really have to let go in order to move on.

  31. Number three is something I don't really do, but I can see it working. Might step out my comfort zone, soon. Thanks for the tips, Steve!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

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