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I am really into current events. I donno but it’s really in my system, i always want to be involved in issues, documentaries and reports in TV. I love interviews especially interviews about people in the politics who are controversial, government officials and even simple people.
Last Saturday (dated 30/07/10) i watched Boy Abunda’s show which is The Bottomline. That show featured the works of PAG-ASA and how they fail about the weather forecasts and bulletins. Boy interviewed the  former PAG-ASA chief Prisco Nilo. Nilo revealed that most of the pioneers of PAG-ASA are being pirate by other countries because of the issues of salary. But chief Nilo still stayed even he can earn bigger money abroad.
Here’s the scenario:

Boy Abunda: “Bakit hindi ka umalis at pumunta sa ibang bansa para magtrabaho?”
Nilo: “E sinong maiiwan pag umalis ako?”

See that? he is so dedicated in his work, he doesn’t care about the money but to serve our country. It also shows that PAG-ASA is he’s life for over years now then everyone always blame PAG-ASA for wrong forecasts & bulletins. Come on filipino people, these are not their faults. It’s just that they dont have the proper equipments and machine that’s why they make mistakes. They need to be modernized, we have to understand that. Chief Nilo especially, i am sympathizing him cause of the dedication he have shown for PAG-ASA. His spirit is something we can’t deny and needed, so we should not laugh at PAG-ASa and say “Kelan ba tumama ang paga-asa?ahahahaha”. I also heared in the news that Nilo works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in his past years of working. He doesn’t deserve that for he is such an example of dedication, love and passion for his work.
Last night i saw in the news that our  President   fired him and replaced a new PAG-ASA chief. Then there are no hustlers and pioneers in PAG-ASA as Nilo said in his interview. I think 3 out of 10 are the pioneers and the 7 people was pirate by other countries and the new 7 are under training and new bees. Still Nilo wants to work here in the Philippines in spite of  being fired from his passion. He plans to work to another government office instead of earning big salaries abroad.
I salute you Mr. Prisco Nilo for being humble and showing that you are so-dedicated in your work, just like most our public teachers
Take notes: Wag ko lang malalaman na kurakot ka pala!

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  1. That is why I am so disheartened with this issue. Nilo was removed becuase of "cultural differences." What the hell of a reason is that?

    I can't understand the government. There are those who deserved to be removed from their post but they are not removed.

  2. agree kuya! tsk3x. i think they're getting unfair. 🙁

  3. Napakasipag naman pala ni Chief Nilo kaya lang nakakapanghinayang at natanggal sya sa pwesto.

  4. Ooh that's really cool of him to that. Too bad he got fired. And lol yeah I hope he doesn't corrupt money :))

  5. Isa din ako sa mga nagulat nung unang lumabas ang balitang ito na nasibak na nga sa pwesto nya si Chief Nilo. Hindi naman talaga nila kasalanan kung magkamali man sila ng forecasting sa direction ng bagyo eh…

    Kaya nga tinawag na "Forecast" eh, you are just predicting or calculating a certain weather phenomenon. Hindi talaga 100% accurate pag nagfo-"forecast"… teka nasan ba ang mga dictionary ng mga pinoy haha at hindi nila alam ang tungkol jan.

    Lastly, dapat pondohan ng malaki ng gobyerno ang Weather Bureau natin na PAG-ASA. It's time to modernized their equipments. Remember, disaster prone ang Pilipinas. Tayo ang nasa frontline sa mga parating na bagyo galing Pacific Ocean.

    Nice insights Steve 🙂

  6. magandang maging socially aware
    hwag lang ke boy abunda

  7. uo nga nmn. dont blame everything on them. as if ba nmn, God na ung PAGASA para malaman lahat ng bagay. tsktsk.

  8. I am having the same sentiments here…it was unjust…tsk tsk…btw, thanks for ur wonderful comment in my post hehehe…really appreciate it…

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